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Trend: Art Deco Patterned Wallpaper

If I were to name my most loved interior design styles I would say Art Deco, Hollywood Regency style, and Coastal. To my loyal readers this should come as no big surprise because I have written about Art Deco before e.g. about the Art Deco exhibition I visited two months ago, or Miami’s Art Deco […]

Trend: Day beds

On hot summer days and sultry evenings, the best thing to do is lounge and relax with a good glass of wine. The newest trend, day beds, are just the thing for that. Day beds are a crossover between a bed, a chaise longue, and sofa. They are ideally used to take a nap in […]

Trend: Surfboards as a Style Statement in the Room

Surfboards are no longer just for the sporty dudettes, and wanderlust backpacking free-spirited. Latest home decor trend is to use the boards as a style statement in your interior. Because of the many designs the surfboards can spruce up any home style, whether it be industrial, coastal, or contemporary. You can opt to either let […]

Trend: The Basket Lamp

It is true that all trends return eventually. After the resurgence of the macrame plant hangers from the 70s, it’s now time to dig up your basket pendant lamp from the 80s. Although it has evolved somewhat – from the honey-brown wicker to a more natural look and hue – the effect is the same. […]

Trend: Herringbone Floors

Wooden floors never go out of style, but the prevalent  colours and patterns do change every few years. I noticed that currently herringbone hard wooden floors are trending. In my opinion it adds sophistication to a space and when the light is right, a bit of playfulness too. photo sources: 1 2 3 4

Trend: Agate in home decor

I fell for the latest trend in home decor, agate, already in December when I was compiling gift guides and featured agate coasters and a cheese platter in a gift guide for discerning women (see here). Early February I finally caved in and bought my own set of coaster via Etsy. My love for natural […]

Trend: Marquee Letters and Signs

Marquee letters and signs are taking the interior design world by storm. You see them everywhere: in nurseries, livingrooms, bedrooms, and in restaurants and shops. The vintage inspired Vegas/Broadway-like letters and signs with LED light bulbs add fun to any space. You can opt for a huge letter, choose smaller letters to spell out a […]