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Yesterday I blogged about a web shop that sells South African designs. I also told you about the African trend in fashion and interior design. To stay in that part of the hemisphere, and on that subject, I would like to share some amazing photos I stumbled upon. It’s a photo shoot from Russian publication Architectural Digest showcasing new fabrics in intense and explosive vibrant colours and gorgeous patterns. Russian Photographer Olga Volkova Tuponogova and stylist Natalia Obukhov used upholstery and curtain fabrics in a creative way and in line with the latest trend. How clever is that?

Architectural_Digest_Russia_Prints_1-700x918 Architectural_Digest_Russia_Prints_3-700x920 Architectural_Digest_Russia_Prints_4-700x935610x801_Quality97_650x854_Quality97_AD_Fabrics_04_new_-copy_w

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