Happy Holidays from my Home to Yours

A personal note and season’s greetings from my home to yours.

I don’t think anyone will ever forget the year 2020. It’s been tough to a lot of people. To me personally, it hasn’t been. Although I love travelling, shopping and going out for dinner, I actually enjoyed the rest and paring things back. Everything slowed down, nature got a reset and we started to enjoy the things again we took for granted. I learned a long time ago that I can’t control life or my health and that it’s best to accept things you can’t control to stay happy.

I was taught to value the small things in life just as much as the luxuries. The joy of a picnic with my best friend in the park, a stroll on the beach or the luxury of not having to go anywhere and not having the fear of missing out on anything. It was like a fresh breath of air for me. I embrace the advantages the covid-19 pandemic also brings. Luckily, I haven’t been impacted financially or medically yet and my heart goes out to those who were. I can imagine that it’s anything but relaxing for them.

I’m positive better days are ahead of us. I hope that in 2021 I can pick up my blogging and continue to inspire you with travel notes, restaurant reviews, shopping tips and trends I spotted in interior design. For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas even if it’s just a small gathering this year. Treasure the ones you do have around you and cherish and find joy in the little luxuries. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!

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