Top 5 Places to have Breakfast in Leiden

Weekends are enjoyed best by starting your day off with a lavish breakfast. I made it a tradition to have big and wholesome breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday, whether it is at home in my pajamas flipping pancakes and omelettes, or by going out for breakfast in the city. I live a 20 minute bike ride to the old city center of Leiden, where there are lots of restaurants, coffee places, and bars. However, I am a bit picky when it comes to breakfast. An ordinary Dutch slice of bread with cheese or jam won’t do. I like to have something special. And also not unimportant, I like a good cup of coffee. I have tried and tested a few places, and came up with a top 5 of best places to have breakfast in Leiden. And the good news for anyone who likes to sleep in, is that all of them serve all day or until late afternoon breakfast on Sundays!IMG_5550-2

1. Anne & Max

My favourite place for breakfast is Anne & Max. Why? First because of the location. It is on one of the busiest corners of the city, giving you plenty of opportunity to watch people and street life in de Breestraat and Hogewoerd. In summer or on crisp autumn days you can sit outside on the terrace. The round building is all glass windos, giving you a good view of the buzz outside. The coffee is superb, and so are the different fresh juices and smoothies. The fresh mixed juices are something you have to try! You can choose from a super foods healthy breakfast with yoghurt, fruits and granola, to oatmeal porridge, croissants and scones, or a comforting big breakfast with Oeuf en cocotte with salmon, spinach, whole grain bread and roasted cherry tomatoes (as seen in the photo above). – Gangetje 2IMG_5547-2IMG_5549-2annemaxIMG_5548-2

2. Roos

Roos is my second favourite place to have breakfast. I love the laid-back ambiance, the simple yet adorable interior with wooden benches and floral pillows with a bare brick wall as a backdrop. Everything is home-made in their small kitchen and they mostly use local products from the farmers market and nearby producers. I love the scambled eggs with goat cheese and spinach. Also try their french toast, it’s so good! I still have to try their yoghurt with home-made granola. – Botermarkt 12IMG_1716IMG_1722

3. Lebkov & Sons

Located just 10 steps from the back entrance of Leiden central train station you’ll find Lebkov & Sons. It’s always busy with students and commuters so expect to queue in the morning to grab that much loved coffee. Although most people take out, it’s also a nice place to work or have breakfast and read the newspaper. Their fresh croissants, pains au chocolats, and their different flavours of muffins are tried and tested and get a thumbs up. – Bargelaan 8IMG_5556-2IMG_5554-2

4. Lot & de Walvis

Lot & de Walvis is a short walk away from the city center but worth every step. Located in the harbour, you can watch the boats go by while indulging e.g. in American pancakes with fruit or eggs benedict. I can vouch that the pancakes are fluffy! I blogged about this hot spot a few weeks ago here. – Haven 1IMG_5585 IMG_5654

5. van de Leur

Van de Leur serves any breakfast menu with fresh orange juice and complimentary coffee or tea. Now that’s a plus! You can opt for a simple sandwich with cheese, or you can go all the way with salmon and power foods. I love their different loose leaf tea blends!IMG_5749-2IMG_5753-2

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  1. Great places to eat breakfast in Leiden! Thanks 30s Magazine

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