Top 5 Places to have Breakfast in Leiden

Weekends are enjoyed best by starting your day off with a lavish breakfast. I made it a tradition to have big and wholesome breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday, whether it is at home in my pajamas flipping pancakes and omelettes, or by going out for breakfast in the city. I live a 20 minute bike ride […]

5 x Sunday omelette

Sunday mornings are the best because Sundays are for elaborate and slow breakfasts with warm fresh croissants, blushing strawberries, oven baked bread, pancakes and omelettes. You don’t have to rush out and you can walk around in your pajamas, read a magazine, or watch a classic movie.  I always try to deviate from the traditional ham […]

The first signs of Easter

Spring has sprung today. Well, according to the calendar, that is. Unfortunately, outside it’s still winter and snowing in parts of the country. Nevertheless, the first signs of Easter are popping up in my house. Just like Christmas, I like to decorate my home in anticipation of the holiday. I slowly started to haul out […]