5 x Sunday omelette

Sunday mornings are the best because Sundays are for elaborate and slow breakfasts with warm fresh croissants, blushing strawberries, oven baked bread, pancakes and omelettes. You don’t have to rush out and you can walk around in your pajamas, read a magazine, or watch a classic movie.  I always try to deviate from the traditional ham and cheese omelette and add different ingredients to make it extra luxurious and special. So here are my 5 favourite omelette recipes to inspire you. I know you’ll love them too!

1. An omelette with feta cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes, red sweet pepper and a pinch of black pepper

omelette Sunday breakfast

2. A spinach omelette with goat cheese and turkey bacon 

spinach omelette

3. An omelette with river crab, sprng onions, avocado, red onion and shiitake mushrooms

crab omelette

4. An omelette with smoked salmon and asparagus

salmon omelette

5. Potato and chorizo omelette by Jamie Oliver


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