Flowers for Inga

Two years ago I spent a weekend with 16 other bloggers in Hanover. We were a versatile group, not just in our blog style, but also in personalities, backgrounds and origin. We were from Germany, the UK, Israel, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Our blogs are about food, lifestyle, kids, interiors, or weddings. But we had one thing in common: our love for blogging and wanting to perfect it. That is why we enrolled in an exclusive blogging workshop taught by Holly Becker and Stefanie Luxat in Holly’s apartment studio. It was a wonderful and inspiring weekend where new friendships were made and a close knit group evolved.

Our group of bloggers in Hanover. Inga standing front middle
Our group of bloggers in Hanover. Inga standing front middle

One of the bloggers was Inga, who shared her passion for flowers on her blog glomerylane. She was also one of the two flower girls, a series of blog posts together with other flowers blogger Madame Love. As you all know I love flowers and buy a fresh bouquet every weekend. It’s one of life’s little luxuries I can’t live without. Inga’s blog glomerylane was therefore an inspiring resource for me.

Today I’m saying goodbye to Inga. She lost her battle against cancer. I’m also sending my condolences to her family and close friends. I do believe she is in a better place now without pain and sorrows where she can freely walk in endless fields of flowers. Inga was a lovely and kind person who had the gift to see and share the beauty in nature’s gift to us. As a tribute to Inga I went to a rose garden to remember her. These roses are for you Inga.

pink rosesalmon pink roseyellow rose

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  1. What a beautiful heart felt tribute to your friend and her family Louise, it was so very sad to read but I’m sure that knowing that she had friends like you, must be helping her family to heal x

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