Greek Flower Wreaths

When I was in Greece in early May, I noticed that most homes and shops had a flower wreath hanging above or next to their door. Naturally I was intrigued by it, and soon found out it is a typical Greek tradition called Protomagia, the Festival of Flowers. Annually, on May 1st, the Greek celebrate spring and their flowers. They decorate their doors or facade with wreaths of various handpicked flowers to welcome nature and spring. The wreaths stay there until June 24, the day of  Saint John the Harvester, when people gather in the neighbourhood and burn them in a bonfire. I loved the many wreaths and decided to adapt this tradition next year. It is a lovely thought to celebrate the season, and in fact, why not do this each season? Isn’t it charming to have fresh summer flowers or autumn foliage on your door when you come home? The Greek used flowers that dry nicely and retain colour. Greece, what’s not to love about the culture?

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