Winter Escape to Valencia: where to go, sleep, and eat

Fleeing the Dutch winter and cold doesn’t require a long flight, or even crossing the ocean. Last week I escaped to the south of Europe, to Valencia to be exact. The city is located on the east coast of Spain and has very moderate temperatures, with over 200 days of sunshine per year. With temperatures […]

Scenic Views at Sunset in Mykonos

When the sun sets, Mykonos turns into one of the most magical places I’ve visited yet. The sky is painted an array of blushing pink, radiant yellow and hot orange hues. The white washed houses intensify the glow even more. And as the sun drowns into the horizon the old harbour and Little Venice are lightened […]

Greek Flower Wreaths

When I was in Greece in early May, I noticed that most homes and shops had a flower wreath hanging above or next to their door. Naturally I was intrigued by it, and soon found out it is a typical Greek tradition called Protomagia, the Festival of Flowers. Annually, on May 1st, the Greek celebrate […]

Where Mykonos town meets the sea

mykonos - little venice

Mykonos, the islands of winds as it is often referred to, has some amazing postcard views and romantic spots to ensure a perfect holiday. The picturesque city, Chora, is located near the sea and makes an excellent place to stroll and enjoy the quintessential Greek architecture and island life. At the old port you can […]

I want to get lost in Mykonos town

White washed houses with brightly coloured wooden doors, balconies and stairs fences. Narrow slithering streets, steep stairs, and quaint alleys overgrown with bougainville and boasting with large succulents. Mykonos town, or Chora as it’s called by the locals, is truly the most mesmerizing and magical city I have ever been to. It is a labyrinth […]

Great Escape: Greece

Hello! I’m back from my three weeks blog break and ready to share new tips and great finds and experiences with you! And let me tell you, you are in for some spectacular tips I have tried and tested for you. I went to Greece and I instantly fell in love with the country, the food, […]

Paris exhibition: Glossy, a century of fashion photography at Condé Nast

A visit to Paris isn’t complete without a day at the Palais Galliera, the fashion museum. Until May 25th you can enjoy the exhibition “Glossy, a century of fashion photography at Condé Nast“. The publisher of editor magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour or W  plays a key role in the field of fashion photography.  The […]