8x Festive Grazing Boards

It’s the latest trend and ideal for the holidays: grazing boards!  Cheese and cold cuts make way for other foods. Check out these eight great ideas to wow your guests

It’s the latest trend and ideal for the holidays: grazing boards!  A grazing board is a large tray or board that is loaded with small bites. The traditional charcuterie board with cheese, crackers and cold meat cuts is making way for other ingredients. In 2020 we create platters for everything! And most importantly, the more on the board, the better. Here are eight trendy platters you can copy this Christmas.

Hot chocolate board

Gather around the fireplace or the TV to watch Home Alone, and create a hot cocoa board bursting with different varieties of chocolate, marshmellows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and peppermints. For adults you can even throw in some rum to spike your hot cocoa.

source: unknown

Pavlova board

Mini pavlovas or meringues are super easy to make. All you need are egg whites and caster sugar and you can whip them up in no time. Next are the toppings like fruit coulis, fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, almonds and pistachios and you’re set for a spectacular dessert platter!

Pancake board

The pancake board will make your kids the happiest kids in the world. Whether you serve it as breakfast or as dessert, you can’t go wrong with a stack of fluffy pancakes. Add sweet and savory toppings like cheese, bacon, fruits, jams and syrups and let people create their own favourite combo.

source: completely delicious

Baked potato and nachos board

During the cold and dark winter months we like to enjoy hearty comfort food. The baked potato is one example of that. Create this board after a long walk in the crisp air to warm up and still the appetite during board games.

source: reluctant entertainer

Crudités board

This board is perfect as an appetizer. Assemble a variety of veggies with different hummus and dipping sauces and you have yourself a chic and healthy crudité board!

source: Wuhaus

Christmas Cookies board

Christmas tea and cookies at 4 pm, it can’t get any better. The joy of this grazing board is actually in baking the cookies rather than in eating them. But that’s my humble opinion.

source: Kekse und ich


Chocolate Fondue Board

For dessert you can limit your time in the kitchen and create a chocolate fondue board. The selection of different treat is a great way to end the formal dinner with some informal dipping and spilling.

source: yoga cooking

Breakfast/Brunch board

Creating a grazing board for breakfast or brunch is so much fun as you get to assemble and organize the different colors and ingredients into a beautiful picture perfect instagrammable board. 

source: Cotter Crunch




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