Hotel to Heart: Nômade Hotel in Tulum

The Nômade is more than a hotel, it is a journey of discovery of one self, a re-connection with nature and a cleanse of body and mind.

Staying at the Nômade Hotel in Tulum, Mexico was a life-changing experience for me.  The Nômade is more than a hotel, it is a journey of discovery of one self, a re-connection with nature and a cleanse of body and mind. I might sound like a brochure or a hippie right now but those are the only semantics that cover the whole experience. The Nômade Hotel in Tulum is a true sanctuary nestled between the jungle and the sea.  The eco-resort is built in a sustainable way with luxury tents and dispersed wooden buildings blending in with the surrounding jungle. No high-rise buildings or stone, but only sandy paths that lead you through lush vegetation and palm trees, straight from your jungle room or luxury tent on to the beach.

The jungle rooms and luxury tents

The Nômade Hotel Tulum counts 55 jungle rooms, luxury tents and seaside suites, some even with private plunge pool. The decor is bohemian with natural materials and muted colours like reclaimed wood, wicker, bamboo and stone. It’s all about simplicity so that all your focus and energy flows within and to nature. In front of each room there are beautiful flower baths, inviting hammocks and cosy seats. Being an ecological destination, the shower sometimes lacks hot water but who’s complaining when you have coconut scented bath and body products at your disposal? Since there is no TV in your room you are directed to nurture your relationship with nature, other people and your soul.

Yoga and spiritual workshops

To completely embrace the spiritual journey, the Nomade Hotel offers free daily outdoor yoga classes and spiritual workshops like sound healing, cleansing rituals in sweat lodges, or educational workshops about etheric oils usage in daily life. It is the combination of the yoga, spiritual workshops, the healthy food and the surrounding that brings you in another state of mind and a different flow. After two days you feel differently and start to rediscover what is important to you and who you really are. You are literally disconnected from the rat race and commercialized fast-pace life.

The beach and plunge pool

Tulum and many other Yucatan beaches have been spoiled by the enormous increase of sea weed ‘Sargasso’ washing ashore in the past few years. The white sand beaches are now covered in the yellow/orange weed, making a dip in the sea almost impossible. Luckily, at the Nomade Hotel they are continuously removing sargasso from the beach shoreline, either manually, in wheelbarrows, or using different types of heavy machinery. As an alternative you can always dip in the small plunge pool to get an instant refresh.

The beach is lined with day beds, poufs and loungers. Until 12 pm the beach is only accessible for hotel guests. From mid-day on outsiders may come to the beach club by paying an entrance fee so in the afternoon it can get quite busy as it is the most popular beach club in Tulum.


The restaurants and the food

Nômade Tulum has two restaurants that both draw in guests from other hotels due to the amazing food. Beachfront restaurant La Popular is famed for its grilled food. Here you can savour on a whole grilled Mahi Mahi or Red Snapper with grilled beetroot, sweet potato and veggies. Their fish/shrimp tacos and grilled beef tacos are finger licking good as is their ceviche. Splash it away with a fresh passion fruit juice, a smoothie or a cocktail while looking at the sunset. Feel the breeze in your face and sand between your toes at this unique postcard perfect place. La Popular is open for lunch and dinner.

The other restaurant, Macondo, serves vegan food in a Moroccan style ambiance. Soft pillows and poufs, mismatched kilims and low tables fill up the palapa roofed space. This is also where hotel guests can have their complimentary breakfast. The breakfast is super healthy and delicious with many vegan and gluten-free choices as well.  You can try something new every days as you can opt for homemade granola, oatmeal bake, fresh fruits and fruit juices, crepes, pancakes or eggs.

I left the hotel with a heavy heart but an enlightened spirit and a rejuvenated body. It was a memorable and life changing stay and I can’t wait to go back next year! For reservations and rates go here



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5 thoughts on “Hotel to Heart: Nômade Hotel in Tulum

  1. ooooh wauw die foto’s zijn echt prachtig. Het ziet eruit als een stukje hemel op aarde. Als ik nou niet zo bang was voor vliegen had ik deze plek zeker op mijn bucketlist gezet.

  2. Wauw, dit is volgens mij écht een droomlocatie. Als ik jouw verslag zo lees en al die prachtige foto’s zie, dan wil ik er zelf ook wel heen. Wel goed trouwens dat ze geen tv hebben, zodat je wel tijd aan jezelf of aan de natuur moet besteden. Geen afleiding is zo goed!

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