Beauty essential: Royal Fern anti-aging cream


Today I would like to share a detail of my beauty regimen; my Royal Fern anti-aging cream. I'm often complimented about my almost wrinkle-less face and therefore younger appearance. People also want to know my secret. I think it's 70% genetic. The other 30% has to do with nutrition, healthy living, and using the right products. I drink a lot of tea, I never smoked, I don't drink alcohol -only occasionally-, and I try to eat healthy. In addition I also use qualitative beauty and skin products. … [Read more...]

Enter the Loft of Miss Bare in Amsterdam

The Loft Amsterdam

Enter The Loft of Miss Bare in Amsterdam, an annual source of inspiration for interior design lovers. Each year an unique location is transformed into a pop-up loft, completely decorated with the best and novel furniture, home decor accessories, curiosities and art pieces. Every single item in the loft, including the wall paint and flooring is for sale, on location as well as online. This year, the loft's fictional owner is Miss Bare, who loves serenity and simplicity. Her lifestyle, that … [Read more...]

Trend: Globe Lamps


A huge home decor trend that I just love, love, love, is the renaissance of the chic globe lamp. The globe lamps were a big hit in the 1960s and 1970s and are taking over stylish interiors rapidly. They are mostly combined with brass or marble to enhance the chic style, yet they are also perfect to pair in a sleek Scandinavian style home decor. It was actually FLOS who re-introduced the globe with their IC Lights series designed by  Michael Anastassiades. Then came Bolia with a table lamp … [Read more...]

Dream Big, Little One

Kids room

One of the best things about kids, is their unlimited fantasy and dreaming. So why not make their dreams come true - is what the designers at Circu furniture must have thought. They create beds, chairs, toys boxes and other furniture for the play room/kids rooms. Think a baby crib shaped like a hot air balloon, an armchair inside a rocket, a TV inside a magical mirror, or a big shell shaped bed for your little mermaid. Circu enables you to create a magical room for your little one that you could … [Read more...]

A Paris Favourite: Le Petit Palais

Petit Palais

One of my favourite spots in Paris is Le Petit Palais. The small palace houses the Parisian Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts de la ville de Paris). Besides the beautiful, small collection of art pieces, it is also worth a visit because of its stunning architecture.  Arched windows, a dramatic stairway, mosaic floors, and painterly ceilings draw you in. The palace is built around a breath-taking courtyard, with impressive pillars and an even more impressive ceiling. A walk through and … [Read more...]

Interior Trend: Playing Games


Fashion and interior design are constantly inspired by things around us. One very distinctive influence on interior design this year is gaming. We will see furniture and design that is inspired by games, and is translated into playful forms and colours, but also sophisticated, refined and dramatized home decor. Not only furniture but also home accessories will show influences drawn from games, the circus, or gambling. It can be any kind of game: a social game [board games], role games … [Read more...]

Art with Timeless Glamour

Slim Aaron - Poolside gossip 1970

In winter I always like to invest in my home decor. Lately I've been looking for a new art piece. On the Jonathan Adler website I stumbled on the photography pieces by Slim Aarons. His photography depicts old Hollywood glamour and luxurious places and lifestyles. His photos are printed on aluminium and are bound to inject a bit of jetsetter chic to my interior. I haven't decided on a piece yet, because I love so many of them. My favourite photo of Slim Aaron is Poolside Gossip (1970). I love how … [Read more...]