Weekend tip: Lekker Laren Culinary Festival

Lekker Laren 2016 - copyright 30s Magazine-3582

This weekend, August 25-28, the city Laren is for a third consecutive year transformed into a foodie heaven with the culinary festival Lekker Laren. Nineteen restaurants are showcasing their gastronomic talents, enabling visitors to sample signature dishes that will tickle your tastebuds. Renowned restaurants, from 't Gooi to Amsterdam, are bound to amaze you e.g. George L.A., ‘t Amsterdammertje, and Zuiver. Michelin star restaurant De Hoefslag takes you on a culinary journey that … [Read more...]

A Smooth, Safe Shave to stay Bikini proof (even in winter)

recensie razoli oil

This entire summer I have been using a new method of shaving that I just have to share with you. It is my ultimate summer essential to stay bikini proof. Occasionally I have these strong feelings of adversity against waxing. Somehow, with me it never gets easier or less painful. So when I just can't bear the pain of waxing yet again, and want to take it down a notch, I fall back on the old-fashioned shaving. I discovered a bio, 100% natural shaving oil that is also safe to use on your intimate … [Read more...]

Trend: Day beds

day bed

On hot summer days and sultry evenings, the best thing to do is lounge and relax with a good glass of wine. The newest trend, day beds, are just the thing for that. Day beds are a crossover between a bed, a chaise longue, and sofa. They are ideally used to take a nap in a common room other than the bed room. Day beds can make a great addition to any space. There are many contemporary designs out there, in all price ranges. Even IKEA has some nice day beds available. If you have a design day bed, … [Read more...]

A Summer Wine Tasting Party

summer wine party - copyright 30s Magazine-3379

When 94 Wines approached me if I would like to try and review their wines, I instantly said yes. I spotted their stylish bottles a year ago, and had been curious about the wines ever since. But when they sent me a box with six bottles, I knew I had to call on more troops, or I would turn into an alcoholic. So last weekend I hosted a summer gathering for my friends with the objective to taste the wines and get their input. Naturally, being a real Martha Stewart, I did some food pairing too, and … [Read more...]

Amsterdam Canal Cruising with ‘Bluespoon on Board’

Amsterdam canal cruising

  On beautiful summer days, there's nothing better than renting a boat and cruising the Amsterdam canals with a group of friends. Amsterdam is after all at its best when seen from the water. A perfect day on the water is however incomplete without drinks and bites. Now, you can go to the supermarket and prepare a picnic basket yourself, or even better, you can order the food and drinks at Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar. The Bluespoon on Board service not only saves you time, but also … [Read more...]

My Tropical Balcony

small balcony idea - 30s Magazine-3330

In summer I love having breakfast and dinner on my small balcony. To hold on to the tropical weather of my travels to the Côte d'Azur, I chose to decorate my balcony differently this year. I chose only tropical plants, like a banana plant, an Anthurium, and Calla flowers. The lush greenery pairs perfectly with my turquoise accents and my black and white geometric outdoor rug. I constructed a side table from an IKEA stool and a white tray so I can easily move it, and transform it in an extra seat … [Read more...]

Will you vote for me for an Amara award?

Louise - copyrighted 30s Magazine-3353

For a third consecutive year I've been nominated for an Amara interior blog award as Best European interior blog. I'm so honoured and grateful for the nomination by one or more of my blog readers. Thank you so much! The Amara awards are annually given to bloggers who inspire others with interior design related content. Although I also blog about other subjects than interior design, most of my content is design driven. I always opt for design hotels when travelling, design restaurants when I go … [Read more...]


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