Birthday Ponderings: 3 Keys to increase your happiness as you get older

It's the most stressful wonderful time of the year. December isn't just Christmas time for me because December 17th is also my birthday. Today I turned 42. Time flies! So amidst all the Christmas hectic and pressure I also had to think about a yes or no birthday party. This year I decided not to throw a party and instead enjoy a free, lazy Advent Sunday. With age also comes wisdom and self-preservation. Through experience I learned to choose for myself first and that it's fine to disregard other … [Read more...]

Restore your body and soul at the Akasha Spa in Amsterdam

There is nothing more divine than a rejuvenating spa treatment! The aromas of herbs and oils, the freshly made teas before and after the treatment, and the grace of the therapist touch make me surrender and soften and let my mind flow freely. A few weeks ago I was in dire need of a massage as I had tension all over my body. So I booked a deep tissue massage at the Akasha spa in Amsterdam. The city sanctuary is located in a hotel I heart: The Conservatorium Hotel in the heart of the city. When … [Read more...]

JOMO, the Joy of Missing out

Last two weeks I've been flying a bit below the radar due to some personal stuff I had to take care of, sickness, and because I intentionally chose the joy of missing out. Being connected continuously is all fun and dandy, and a necessity for a blogger, but there is also a flipside to the coin. Being hyper-connected also distracts from what is really important in life: connecting with people, real presentness, and experiences without technology involved. In the news you see burnt-out bloggers … [Read more...]

Hammam Towels

I can't wait for my upcoming holiday to the south of France. I hope the temperatures will rise a bit coming week, so it'll be nice beach weather too. Beside a new bikini I also splurged on hammam towels. They are so much more convenient than a thick and heavy towel in your suitcase. You can easily tow them along on road trips as a picnic blanket too. Or you can use them what they were originally made for, as a bath towel. The cotton hamam towels come in all different colours, absorb well, and … [Read more...]

Me-time and lowering the bar

I hardly ever write about my private life, because although I love to share my travel experiences, recipes and products I have and use, I do feel there are boundaries to what I share and what is private. As you might have noticed, if you're a regular reader, is that I'm blogging less than you're used to. At the beginning of 2015 I made one, and only one resolution: more me-time and lowering the bar. Especially bloggers tend to feel obliged to be on top of everything. We are always on the look … [Read more...]

De-stress and detox at Het Massagehuys in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I got to try out the newly opened Oriental massage salon 'Het Massagehuys' in Amsterdam. I was in dire need of a massage to detoxify my aching body and relax my tense muscles. The new massage salon is situated in Amsterdam west, an upcoming neighbourhood where a multicultural street scene and laid-back atmosphere draw locals and tourists to enjoy the small ethnic shops and hipster cafes. 'Het Massagehuys' therefore fits right in as it is a small, minimalist and approachable salon … [Read more...]

Bliss in a Box: The Velves Sensebox

With that relaxing summer holiday still fresh on your mind, and a fair amount of back to work/school days  already ticked, we start to long for me-time again. Time to relax and pamper ourselves. Time to rejuvenate and soothe our senses. Time to get off that treadmill. Another holiday would be nice right now, but also a frivolous luxury, and a visit to the spa is just not the same as it was in that extravagant resort with a view on the sun-kissed waters and powdery white beach. I discovered … [Read more...]