Berlin hot spot: Le Croco Blue

While I was exploring Berlin I discovered the most extraordinary and edgy cocktail bar in Prenslauerberg called Le Croco Blue. I instantly fell in love with the interior, especially the turquoise blue chairs. I would love to have those chairs at home.

crocoblue1The story behind the space is rather interesting as well.  Le Croco Blue houses in the former Bötzow brewery which flourished from 1885-1945. The building was the last untouched building in former East Berlin since the fall of the wall. It has been recently renovated and is now home to an art center, restaurant La Soupe Populaire (another raw and rustic design gem), R&D lab, and cocktail bar Le Croco Blue. {watch the video or skip to the photos]

The owner of Le Croco Blue, Gregor Scholl, has been heading the “Rum Trader”, the oldest cocktail bar of Berlin, for eleven years, and knows everything about cocktails. He decided to name his new bar after the legendary story that after WWII two crocodiles were brought from the Berlin Zoo in a basin to the vaulted cellars of the brewery. In the morbid charm of the former engine room Gregor Scholl now runs this new, edgy and überhip place. The interior is inspired by the late 19th century with an industrial and technical feel with biological details like mushroom tables and chandeliers that remind me of jellyfish, and cabinets of curiosities. –Prenslauer Allee 242


crocblueinterior crocoblue2 crocoblue6

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