Recipe: Christmas Cranberry-Vanilla Cocktail

Last year's Christmas I created a cocktail that blew my guests away. I served the cocktail as a welcome aperitif as the guests dripped in for dinner. Because of the success I couldn't not share it with my readers this year. It's actually quite easy to make and you don't need professional cocktail utensils to make it. All you need is a shaker, prosecco, vanilla syrup, fresh limes, cranberry juice and vodka and crushed ice. It's a real winter cocktail yet not spicy or strong like most of the other … [Read more...]

Hotspot Rotterdam: The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club Rotterdam

The most hip and hot Dutch rooftop bar and restaurant of this summer is The Suicide Club in Rotterdam. The hip and über-stylish hotspot, that opened last year, brought international allure to the growing cosmopolitan city center. With an outdoor roof terrace and bar, and indoor bar and restaurant, it draws in crowds during sultry summer evenings, as well as during the other seasons. But be prepared; The Suicide Club does require a membership (obtainable within 2 clicks and no fee, piece of … [Read more...]

Agroposta Lemonade

This weekend we are treated to another heat wave. Reason to stock up refreshing drinks and popsicles. If you're heading to the beach or a park and would like to save space and limit the weight of your beach bags, I have just the thing for you. Instead of stuffing your coolbox with bottles of lemonade, opt for the Agroposta lemonade sachets. [continue reading after jump] Agroposta lemonade comes in five different flavours: lavender, raspberry, sage, lemon and elderflower. One sachet + 200 … [Read more...]

Lolea Sangria

I would like to make a toast to the weekend with a chilled glass of sangria! Because, is there really any other drink that screams summer more than the delicious fruit-based wine that has its traditional heritage rooted in Spain? To mimic the drink and bring back the flavour of your last trip to Spain is however quite a challenge. Somehow I never get it exactly to taste the same. But now there is something even better: Lolea Sangria! White and red Sangria in super stylish dotted bottles. … [Read more...]

Trend: Roll in the bar cart

It's always five o'clock somewhere. The vintage bar cart or serving station, with or without wheels is making its comeback in interiors. The movie The Great Gatsby and series like Mad Men gave a boost to vintage furniture and home decor. The function has however changed somewhat as it is no longer just a place to keep your drinks and essentials for your next party. The retro piece of furniture is now also used as a decorative element or as a side table in all parts of the home. Ever thought of … [Read more...]

Shopping guide Berlin: Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is the multicultural epicenter of Berlin. It's alternative yet due to the mix of different cultures easy accessible to anyone who likes to explore something new and exciting. A nice and quiet street with a few small boutiques, ice cream parlours and cafes to start your day of shopping in Berlin, is the Körtestrasse. It feels like you are in a village for a moment. Beumer & Lutum bakery - Körtestrasse 36 For a wholesome breakfast and good cup of coffee, go to Beumer … [Read more...]

Berlin hot spot: Le Croco Blue

While I was exploring Berlin I discovered the most extraordinary and edgy cocktail bar in Prenslauerberg called Le Croco Blue. I instantly fell in love with the interior, especially the turquoise blue chairs. I would love to have those chairs at home. The story behind the space is rather interesting as well.  Le Croco Blue houses in the former Bötzow brewery which flourished from 1885-1945. The building was the last untouched building in former East Berlin since the fall of the wall. It has … [Read more...]