Agroposta Lemonade

This weekend we are treated to another heat wave. Reason to stock up refreshing drinks and popsicles. If you’re heading to the beach or a park and would like to save space and limit the weight of your beach bags, I have just the thing for you. Instead of stuffing your coolbox with bottles of lemonade, opt for the Agroposta lemonade sachets. [continue reading after jump]


Agroposta lemonade comes in five different flavours: lavender, raspberry, sage, lemon and elderflower. One sachet + 200 ml water makes a refreshing drink. Give it extra flair with a slice of lemon or fresh mint. The lemonade is originally a Croatian family recipe. It is 100% natural, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, glutenfree, and free of chemicals and conserves. A perfect treat for adults and kids. Moreover, I think it’s also ideal for your kids to take to school. My favourite flavour is sage, followed by lavender. All five flavours are moderately sweet, so different from other lemonade brands that taste like a sugar bomb. Where to buy these sachets? In the Netherlands e.g. at Health stores, Dille & Kamille or De Bijenkorf. Find out more on the Agroposta website.agroposta

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