The Tides South Beach Hotel

Inside the Tides South Beach Hotel

By now you all know I have a soft spot and fascination for design hotels. So when you say South Beach Miami, the number one hotel that comes to mind has to be the Tides Hotel. This hotel is legendary, and has been around for decades as one of the most elegant and sophisticated beachfront hotels in the USA. It was constructed in the art deco era, to be exact in 1936, by legendary architect L. Murray Dixon. The art deco movement was characterized by simple clean lines and forms, pastels, black and white, and minimalist interiors. However, in 2006 the hotel was acquired by Brad Korzen and his wife, interior designer Kelly Wearstler. And now it happens to be that her style is anything but minimalist. Guess what happened next…

The Tides South Beach HotelThe Tides South Beach Hotel

I’m a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler’s work ever since I stayed in the Four Seasons Hotel in Anguilla, another one of her projects. Her dramatic and abundant yet sophisticated signature is easily recognized once you study more of her interior design projects. I was therefore beyond excitement to step inside the Tides South Beach Hotel for a short photo opp and a drink at the bar.

The Tides South Beach Hotel

The Kelly Wearstler signature style

Kelly Wearstler really knows how to create an eclectic space by combining different textures, materials and cultural artifacts into a coherent look. She uses organic materials like shells, taxidermy (turtles), corals, bleached wood and rope. I was stunned by the design dining chairs with rope details (see above picture). I wouldn’t mind being tied up for dinner at the Tides 🙂

The Tides South Beach HotelThe Tides South Beach Hotel

When you enter the lobby you are instantly drawn to the (authentic) 1930s high-backed stone “senator’ chairs which are integrated as a whole with other vintage furniture, circle rugs, gold-leaf screens, and lush palm plants. Museum-quality artifacts from different era, and the original art deco floor make it an interesting, luxurious style, that is brought together by a muted colour scheme of beige, brown and bronze with a pop of coral and blue hues.

The Tides South Beach HotelThe Tides South Beach HotelThe Tides South Beach HotelThe Tides South Beach Hotel

Last but not least, I had a peek at the pool area. I would love to stay in this hotel sometime where history and 21st century luxury are so perfectly integrated into a hospitable and luxurious experience.




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