How my trip to Mexico changed my life

If you are following me on my instagram you couldn’t have missed my photos and instastories about my trip to Mexico. What was meant as a lazy beach holiday, turned out to be a life changing experience. Two destinations in particular – Tulum and Holbox – encouraged me to travel on a personal journey of rediscovering and awakening to my truth. The spiritual awakening and soul searching that I experienced in Tulum and Holbox have made me a happier person who grew closer to my authentic self. My happiness and joy apparently conveyed through my instagram photos and instastories, because it yielded so many questions and positive reactions from my followers.  Travelling in Mexico led to discoveries I never could have anticipated that just may be the same reasons you should plan your own Mexican holiday too.

1. It taught me to always follow my inner voice and trust my own judgement

Before heading to Mexico 95% of the people around me warned me about the perils of Mexico. Most of them had never even been to Mexico but were just going by things they heard of or read about. At some point I was getting anxious by all the negativity and even doubting my decision. As the departure date came closer I appeased my mind by playing it by ear. Turns out that my inner voice and my own judgement were right. Mexico, in particular Yucatan, is anything but dangerous. I’ve never felt more welcome and safer! As long as you use your own common sense, as you would on any holiday, you will be perfectly fine! Moreover, I have never seen so many female solo and girlfriends travellers in one destination before. Mexico’s Yucatan province is a popular destination for all kinds of travelers. This taught me that I should always trust my instinct and follow my dreams, despite what others say. Because if you don’t, you might miss out on something fantastic.

Cycling in Tulum

2. Mexico helped me ground myself and become more centered

In Tulum I stayed at the Nômade Hotel which was the best choice I could ever make. It was worth every penny. The hotel concept aims at travellers who are looking to reconnect with themselves, others and nature.

Daily yoga classes, spiritual workshops, wellness experiences and healthy foods and drinks at the hotel contributed to a transformational experience. I experienced sound healing, I learned about the healing properties of essential oils and I felt reborn after a Mayan energy healing massage. The Mayan massage was so profound that at one point I started to cry uncontrollably, as if I was shedding away my energetic and emotional blockages.  I also underwent a Temazcal – a cleansing in a sweat lodge ritual with purifying herbs and spices. Mind, body and soul were literally cleansed and I could feel how my energy flows were altering step-by-step.

 The set up of the hotel enforces the connection with nature as the whole property only has sandy pathways, wooden constructions and lush vegetation and palm trees. Because you are barefoot most of the time, you automatically feel more grounded. As you walk right out of your bedroom onto the beach I could experience the beautiful sunrise each morning and listen to the sea and the wind rustling in the trees. I would use the sunrise as a meditation moment to look inside to discover more about my truths and authentic self.

Find out more about the hotel and spa: and

3. Clean eating

Food is essential for spiritual connection. During my two weeks in Mexico I (undeliberately) ate clean. The places I stayed and the restaurants I went to all served healthy and clean foods and drinks. My breakfasts were packed with delicious fresh fruits, fruit juice mixes, oatmeal, and home made granola. It was therefore easy to eat clean. For lunch and dinner there were so many choices in fish (fish tacos, ceviche, grilled fish, octopus, shrimp, lobster) that I only ate chicken once and stuck to fish. In Mexico they serve the most delicious freshly pressed fruit mixes with passion fruit, pineapple, ginger, melon and mango. I couldn’t stop drinking them. My daily treat was drinking out of a fresh coconut and spooning the coconut flesh. After two weeks of clean eating I shed a few pounds and felt healthier. I also noticed that my sweat was odourless these two weeks due to the dairy-free diet.

4. My trip helped me to connect with myself and become more present

In Tulum and Holbox, but also on Isla Mujeres, I felt more connected with myself and more present. The pace in Mexico is much slower and Wifi was often slow or dysfunctional. I didn’t watch any TV and I mostly moved around by bike or golf cart. The lack of polluting traffic and external stimuli created space and tranquility. Add beach walks, coastal drives, hammocks and swings in the sea and you have the ultimate circumstances to be more present and connect with yourself and nature.

swing in sea in Holbox

5. Mexico is the perfect place to meet new people

Mexican people are warm people who will always ask how you are, send you a smile or make conversation. But as mentioned, Yucatan also turned out to be a popular destination among solo female travellers. I met lots of new people, Mexican and international and made new friends so easily. You will meet them on the beach, in the bus, at yoga class or as your taxi driver. Connecting with others is a wonderful gift to the soul.

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