When Art meets Fashion

Although I don’t often write about it, I’m a real fashion victim. My closets are about to explode due to all the clothes, shoes and handbags I have  sorted in there. A walk-in-closet the size of my bedroom would be a great alternative by now. But what I also love, is art depicting fashion. There are a few artists and illustrators out there that devote their art to fashion. I would love to have their work adorn my walls. Here’s my wish list:

Megan Hess

Megan Hess is a talented Melbourne fashion illustrator. When her work jumped off the pages of Adore Magazine a few months ago, I wanted to see more. I instantly fell in love with her work. She has illustrated for the best international designers, fashion magazines, publishers and department stores. Her work is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, old photographs, New York streets, 70s cocktails, vintage finds, architecture, fragrances and so on. I can spend hours on her website drooling over her work. Her black feather limited edition collection consists of black and white prints inspired by the beauty of the black feather. But I also love her postcards depicting interiors, and her Diamond and Tulles glicee prints which are feminine and sexy. To buy her work go here.

Samantha Hahn

Samantha Hahn is a New York based artist and (editorial) illustrator who doesn’t limit herself to fashion, but is a renowned fashion illustrator. She works with top brands like Refinery 29, Tiffany’s, Victorias Secret, and Glamour. Her work will be included in a fashion illustration exhibition in October 2012 at the New York Public Library in Brooklyn.

Jessica Durant

Jessica Durant specializes in fashion, travel and lifestyle illustrations.  Her watercolours illustrations have been featured on QVC.com, Glamour.com, Westfield Malls, Country Living Magazine, Elle Brazil, just to name a few. I love her fashion as well as her travel art, and most of it is quite affordable! You can buy her work here.

Lovisa Burfitt

I like Lovisa Burfitt’s bold sketches and watercolours. Fashion designer and illustrator Lovisa Burfitt lives and works in Paris  Among her clients are H&M, Liberty, Bloomingdale’s, La Rinascente, Kenzo. She has also illustrated in numerous issues of VOGUE, ELLE, Grazia, Sunday Times, THE/END, Fashion Tale, Milk and Costume.

Kerrie Hess

Australian Kerrie Hess has illustrated for top notch brands like Neiman and Marcus, Vogue, Net-a-porter, Chanel and Louboutin. She lives in Paris, France.


Disclaimer: All illustrations in this post are copyrighted and all rights are reserved to the illustrators. The material is merely used to visualize the artist’s style and promote her work.

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