Slip into boho chic style

How to embrace a boho chic style this summer with designs for every day life

Sultry summer evenings when the sky turns golden and orange can really excite me. I love to dress up and go out for drinks or dinner at the beach, lake or park with friends and sit out until late at night with a good glass of wine. Lately I’ve been digging the Boho Chic fashion style for these intimate sourées, so I’ve been adding more boho style fashion pieces to my wardrobe. I love it so much because it’s flowy, fun, super comfortable yet stylish. A Boho Chic style is characterized by loose and flowy clothes in fun colours and patterns, often with folkloric details like paisley, fringes and embroidery. To finish the look you add bold accessories like a stack of bangles, a statement necklace and big gemstone rings. Don’t overdo the jewelry though or you’ll look like a Christmas tree. Opt for sandals or boots as footwear and you’re all done.

A brand that embraces the Boho Chic style and which I love, love, love is Star Mela  I have her mustard yellow maxi skirt with exquisite embroidery at the bottom. The skirt is flowy and breezy and moves beautifully when you strut. The hem reaches the ground so you can pair it well with either sandals or high wedges. I paired it with a simple white shirt, a floppy brimmed hat, big sunglasses and gold sandals.
I’m also in love with my Star Mela tote bag. This statement tote bag adds an effortless boho vibe to any outfit. It’s real craftsmanship with embroidery, pompoms and mirrored trinkets. The pops of colour with a mixed palette of green, blue, yellow and rust brown makes it a perfect summer and autumn accessory to spice up your wardrobe.


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