Handmade Luxury at El Negrito Boutique Isla Mujeres

In my Isla Mujeres Travel Guide I already mentioned my favourite shop on the island: El Negrito Boutique. Today I would like to tell you a bit more about it, since they also have an online store and ship internationally. El Negrito Boutique is an independent concept store located in a small inner square between Avenida Hidalgo, Matamores and Juarez. The luxury lifestyle boutique’s owner Matthew McNeil is driven to curate unique handmade luxury fashion and home decor items from Mexican designers and artists. With a few exceptions, like handmade hats from Colombia, all apparel and gifts are by local designers, using mostly sustainable materials and production methods.

El Negrito Boutique

My favourite items are the handmade ear jewelry by Maria Maha. Delicate beading and flamboyant fringes make her jewelry true fashion statement pieces. The vibrant colours and Mexican inspired designs will add a tropical fierceness to your look. Check out her instagram for more.

Another brand in El Negrito Boutique I really liked is Daniela Bustos Maya, an Argentinian designer living in Mexico. She uses vintage Mexican coins minted in 1956 and extravagant fringes from recycled cotton yarn in her ear jewelry, rings, necklaces and bracelets. https://danielabustosmaya.mx

For women and men equally El Negrito Boutique is the place for exclusive fashion. Admire the beautiful dresses by La Troupe which are like Greek goddess dresses or the designs by Cara Larga made from raw cotton threads and the surplus of raw cotton fabrics. The raw and sustainable clothes from Alejandra Raw are characterized by their frayed and yarn exposing pieces.

inside El Negrito Boutique

El Negrito Boutique is also the right place to find a gift for the home front or a Mexican souvenir for yourself. Organic scented candles, herbal multi-use balms in pretty tins, fragrant oils, or the typical Mexican Smudge Sticks (dried herbal bundles used for cleansing)  are just a few examples. Gifts that are so much more useful and stylish than a tequila shot glass or a fridge magnet.

So don’t miss this hidden gem in the center of the town on Isla Mujeres! – Av. Hidalgo No.026 – https://elnegritoboutique.com


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