cane webbing sofa

Trend: Furniture with cane webbing

Move over wicker and rotan because cane webbing is taking over home decors. It might take a while for this design revival to grow on people. I can imagine one has to get used to the comeback of this golden oldie from the 1980s. But then again, the 80’s were in fact also a renaissance period because cane webbing was first introduced in home decor in colonial ages. It is a typical Indonesian artisan. If I come to think of it, my great aunt, age 95, who lives on Curacao has dining chairs and a rocking chair made of cane webbing for as long as I can remember. Our grandparents are hip again! The style is on one hand reminiscent of colonial Asian decor, but on the other hand it also evokes a Parisian bistro feeling and a Caribbean coastal vibe. It’s fair to say that cane webbing is an internationally adopted classic that is once again gaining popularity.

cane webbing headboard

This bed headboard at Hotel Panache in Paris exudes Parisian chic due to the combination with a black frame, the brass lamp, and the shiny striped silk pillow.

cane webbing table

Charlotte Perriand designed the ‘Rio’ table in 1962 but reissued this one with other materials for the brand Cassina

cane webbing chairs

Classic cane webbing suddenly becomes chic contemporary design with these dramatic and artistic lounge chairs in hotel Maison Champs-Elysees in Paris.

cane webbing chair

The Targa Lounge arm chair designed by GamFratesi (for the brand Gebruder Thonet Vienna) harks back to colonial times with its form, but is contemporary by the use of colour and materials. It comes in green, baby blue, red, and dusty pink as an arm chair and as a sofa.

cane webbing chair

Another gorgeous chair is the ‘Hide out chair by the Swedish designer’s trio Front (for the brand Gebruder Thonet Vienna)

The Red Edition velvet and cane webbing sofa exudes Parisian sophistication and comfort.

cane webbing closet
Curio cane furniture by Atelier 2+ available from Clickon Furniture

cane webbing cabinet
Urban outfitters

photos from Elle Decoration (l) – Classic home craft (r)

cane webbing closet
The Grand Light wardrobe  is a collaboration between furniture designer Mathieu Gustafsson and furniture maker Niklas Karlsson,

cane webbing chairs
The Dandy Easy Chair by Pierre Sindre for GarsnasTarga Lounge armchairCabinet by Curio – Rocking chair by IKEA

Gebruder Thonet Vienna

POP easy Chair
Vintage Finds

No budget to buy a new design? On websites like or you can always find a vintage chair and upholster it to your liking.

cane webbing bench
photo by Francis Amiand for Home Adore

cane webbing chair
the classic ‘Bentwood chair’ – photo by Holly Marder

cane webbing chairs
Cosy and the Gang – photo by Simon Whitbread

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