Picking out bathroom tiles – and what are the 5 top trends?

Last week I went to pick out wall tiles at Kol tegels in Haarlem for the remodeling of my toilet. As you might remember from my previous post, my interior designer presented me with two design options. I chose the black and white option with artsy floor tiles.  The Italian floor tiles are from the ‘Tangle” collection of the brand Ornamenta, available at Kol tegels. The pattern is art deco but it looks as if it is scribbled which gives it an artsy touch. For the walls we still needed to decide on black tiles. Although we were first inclined to go for matte black, we eventually chose glossy VT Wonen wall tiles as seen in the photo below.


ornamenta tiles matched with VT wonen tilesornamenta Tangle tegels

Kol Tegels/Kol Tiles

While there, I naturally had a look around at other tiles and was amazed by the unique assortment of Kol tegels. There were so many tiles I liked. Their assortment includes brands like Cevica, Mutina, VT Wonen, Ornamenta and L’Antic Colonial.  They have a wide range of carefully curated products ranging from natural stone, to mosaics, ceramic tiles, tiles that look like parquet and even beautiful brick stones for in your bathroom. If you are looking for something different and unique, this is the place to be. Some of my favorites are the tropical jungle tiles, the tiles from Cevica with kimono prints that also gave me a 1970s vibe and the faux marble tiles with graphic shapes.

cevica tiles with kimono print

Tile Trends

I also noticed a few interesting trends that I would like to share with you today.


Shiny metallics and glossy mosaics inject glamour and sophistication. Gold and brass are no longer tacky or over the top when you do it in moderation and combine it with robust and muted materials.

Pink tiles

Pink has taken over interior design in all spaces including the toilet and bathroom. You see it in ceramic tiles, terrazzo, mosaic and penny tiles, often combined with a little bling or with black to balance out the femininity of pink. I loved the pink penny tiles statement wall combined with a robust grey natural stone wall.

pink mosaic tiles pink ceramic tiles

Graphic patterns

Create optical illusions with graphic tiles or inject instant elegance with simple lines and squares in black and white.


I already blogged about the terrazzo trend in a previous post. There’s no way around it, terrazzo is the new marble. It comes in so many colours and densities that there’s always something you like.

terrazzo tiles terrazzo tiles


Faux marble and parquet look-a-like

Faux marble is also very popular as it is easy to maintain but still has that luxurious look. It’s almost hard to distinguish it from the real deal. Another popular floor tile is the parquet look-a-like. Again easy to keep clean, simple to combine with floor heating and also the best solution for an ensuite bathroom.

To find out more and see more unique tiles, I recommend visiting the showroom or website of Kol Tegels. It will leave you inspired and full of new #bathroomgoals

Kol Tegels – https://www.koltegels.nl/ – Stephensonstraat 31 | 2014 KB Haarlem  | 023 510 10 00

This blog post was created in collaboration with Kol Tegels. Nonetheless, I only promote products and experiences that I sincerely like and personally use.

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