The best spots to photograph tulip fields in the Netherlands

This detailed route will take you to the best hidden tulip fields in and around Lisse

It is tulip season in the Netherlands! The most beautiful time to visit my beautiful country, if you ask me. I’ve written many blog articles in previous years about the tulip and flower fields like where and when to see them. However, I realized that I never disclosed the exact addresses of my favourite photography spots. In today’s blog post I’m sharing a route I usually take by car that will lead you to a few of my favourite tulips, dahlias and hyacinths fields. You can also take this route by bike or on foot. The route is approx 30 km and I have included a map at the end of this blog post.

Whether you decide to walk, cycle or drive by car, along the way there will be plenty of photography opportunities. Most farmers don’t mind if you take a few steps into the field. If not a signage will ask you not to.  Nonetheless you can get pretty close to the flower fields to take that memorable photo.

My first stop is Langelaan and Westeinde in Noordwijkerhout. You can park your car at the casino, NH hotel or on the side of the road. A massive colourful blanket of flowers stretches in front of you. The fragrance of the pink and purple hyacinths fills the air. Hyacinths only bloom end of March and beginning of April. The tulips bloom mostly mid April until beginning of May with a few exceptions in the beginning of April.


Just a short drive from the Langelaan and Westeinde is the Zeestraat.

Continue the road through the residential area towards the village center and turn left on the Langevelderweg. After a few hundred meters you will notice a country road on your left that will lead to a farm, with a large flower field on the right side filled with fragrant hyacinths in pink and purple hues.

Don’t miss the sea of colours on the Langevelderlaan. The fields aren’t accessible due to a waterway but are excellent for a perfect instagrammable picture.

On your way to Lisse you’ll pass De Zilk which has some beautiful country roads to explore. You will not regret a little detour in this village. Also check out the fields along the Leidse Vaart.

On the corner of Spekkelaan and Loosterweg Zuid in Lisse is the most colourful field I know and therefore often quite busy since it’s not so secret anymore and in walking distance of the tulip gardens of the Keukenhof.


Achterweg and Achterweg Zuid in Lisse are small country side roads. During the weekends in the tulip season it can get crowded with cyclists and backed up cars. But if you go on a weekday, you will have the whole field to yourself to enjoy.

Extra tips

Combine your trip to the flower fields with a visit to the Pick your Own tulips farm and bring home a fresh bouquet of tulips of different kinds and colours.

In Hillegom I always go to pick your own farm Annemieke’s Pluktuin. Another favourite of mine is the Bollen Burcht in Voorhout. Check their website for opening hours.

Annemieke’s Pluktuin:

Bollenburcht Voorhout:


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