A visit to a Dahlias Farm

Dutch Dahlia farm Fam Flower Farm opens their flower field to the public to take photos

It’s Dahlias season! The late summer bloomers with their beautiful petal formations and pretty shapes are originally from Mexico and Guatemala but fare well in almost every climate. I adore their vibrant colours and didn’t hesitate one minute when I found out that I could visit a Dahlias farm in Noordwijkerhout not far from my home. The family farm ‘Fam. FlowerFarm’ isn’t publicly accessible though. They annually host a few afternoons to enable those interested to get up close and intimate with the flowers on their private field. In spring they open their tulips field and in late summer their dahlias field. During 90 minutes you are free to roam the field, take photos or just enjoy the splendour. As perfect hosts they welcome you with homemade lemonades, Dutch cookies and coffee and give guests a short introduction to the flowers and their farm.

It doesn’t get any more Instagrammable than this

As if the Dahlias aren’t photogenic enough by their own, the hosts have spruced up the field with pretty accessories. They also lend out props like straw hats, umbrellas and pink boots to dress up your photos like a real insta-influencer. I could’ve stayed there for hours and kept snapping pictures. So I apologize upfront for the absurd amount of photos. Can you blame me?

More about growing Dahlias outside

Hosts Marlies and Linda explain that the Dahlias seen in this field aren’t cut and sold. They are grown for their tubers just like the tulips are grown for their bulbs. They do have another field where they specifically grow Dahlias for the flowers that are sold at the auction. With more than 180 different varieties the field is boasting with colours. They let them grow all summer to produce tubers. After a full season the flowers are mown down and the tubers stay in the ground for two more months until they are harvested in autumn. The tubers are then cleaned and stored for drying until they are shipped of to customers in spring.

I actually bought a few varieties of tubers from Fam Flower Farm and planted them in spring in pots on my balcony. A few of them are blooming right now!

How to take care of cut Dahlias

After a lovely afternoon among the Dahlias it was time to return home. All guests could pick out a bouquet to take home. I opted for a mixed bouquet of lilac, white pink and purple Dahlias as you can see in the last photo. They look amazing on my console! To enjoy them as long as possible and to keep them fresh you should refresh their water every other day. Adding a drop of bleach to the water also helps to keep the water clear of bacteria. If you cut them from your garden you can put them straight into a clean vase. When bought from the store or left out of water for a short period it’s recommendable to re-cut the stems in a an angle before arranging them in your vase. Extend their vase life by keeping them out of direct sun light and away from central heating.

More information

Would you like to get your own Dahlia tubers or visit the Fam Flower Farm? Check out their website for more information. For inspiration for bouquets, floral arrangements and caring instructions I usually go to this website.(Mooi wat bloemen doen)



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