Heather blooming in the Netherlands – Best place to view it

Heather fields abound in the Netherlands in August. Find out where you should go for the best view

The most scenic part of the Netherlands is the nature reserve De Veluwe. In August the heather filled landscape turns vibrant purple, treating visitors to unparalleled views of the national park. Heather blooms in summer and usually peaks in the last two weeks of August then fades away in autumn. The purple flowers blanket the landscape making it a magical site. Today I want to share its beauty with you and reveal the best place to view it in its full glory.

There are many places to see heather bloom but the best spot is the Posbank in Rheden. From different vantage points you get to see the spectacular rolling hills covered in a purple blanket. Easy pathways lead you into the valley where you are surrounded by evergreen trees, bushes and blooming heather. There are a few steep paths but most is easily accessible incl kids and elderly. After parking your car at the restaurant first thing you’ll see is the panorama terrace where you’ll have a stunning view on the valley. There are two trails going down to explore further and meander into the heather fields.


The interplay of sun and shadow, clouds and position create different colour intensities. Some parts are more vibrant than others depending on the position and ecological influences.  When you go early morning or late afternoon the sun’s golden glow creates extra depth. Venture into the woods or go uphill and just settle yourself on a bench to take in the calm and view. Or you can rent a bike and cycle around the valley on designated cycle paths. The view points are amazing!

For more information to plan your trip go here: http://www.veluwetransferiumposbank.nl/

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