The Nike Studio Wrap

Nike…they just did it again! Their new concept the Nike Studio Wrap is the perfect solution for all of us who are doing barefoot sports like Pilates, Yoga or Barclass. It’s a three-part footwear system that solves the hygiene issue we all have with walking bare foot in the gym. Another familiar problem is slipping on your mat while holding a pose because your feet are sweating. The Nike Studio wrap gives you the traction you need and the flexibility to do your standard work out effortlessly.

There is the wrap to work out in, ribbons to make it more aesthetic, and flats to pull over the wraps to wear outside, or individually in e.g. a dance class. The Studio Wrap also comes with a wash bag so you can keep it protected in your washing machine.



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2 thoughts on “The Nike Studio Wrap

  1. How fantastic is that??

    You’re so right, I always struggle with doing barefoot classes and tend to slip.

    Coming to think of it, what took them so long?
    Thanks for sharing x

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