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I’m such a big fan of Sibella Court. The Australian based interior stylist, author, shop owner and product designer also travels a lot, collecting the most exquisite treasures and finds on her journeys. Her book Nomad (2011) and her newest book Bowerbird (Oct 2012) are both valuable resources to get ideas and inspiration how to display your treasures and finds in your interior. Both books are visual pieces of art, boasting of beautiful pictures accompanied by short personal anecdotes and simple tips. Don’t expect her books to be a step-by-step manual, but rather as a starting point to make you aware of treasures you might have not noticed before, or have stored away in a box not knowing how to showcase it in your home. [continue reading after photo]

In Bowerbird Sibella reveals her personal collections and how to display, arrange and organise them in a creative way. She shows that even the simplest things as buttons, vintage bottles, safety pins or old books are in fact valuable belongings you can arrange as beautiful memories in your interior.

In Nomad, Sibella Court shows us how to incorporate the objects you collected during your travels in your interior. Again, this is not a step-by-step book but rather a book to get ideas and make them your own. It also makes you aware of what to bring with you from your journeys be it textiles, traditional crafts or small details that capture the essence of a foreign place. She also shows how you can use objects you can buy at a department store to bring back memories of a travel destination, or how to decorate a space with a worldly atmosphere.

Nomad, Sibella Court, Chonicle Books, 2011, ISBN 9781452104966

Bowerbird, Sibella Court, Hardie Grant Books, 2012, ISBN 9781742705194

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