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I’m a compulsive notebooks collector. The awkward thing is that once I bought them, I don’t use them because I don’t want to spoil them. So I keep them neatly stored in my bookcase to show of the pretty covers. There are two notebooks, however, of which I’m sure most people will reluctantly use them: the L’après midi notebooks from Pansydaisy.


Pansydaisy is a Korean brand that creates new trends in the Korean stationery market. Their signature style is stationery with watercolour illustrations. I’m the proud owner of two of their notebooks and a few magnets of the L’après-midi collection, meaning ‘afternoon’ in French. The brand concept evokes a relaxing and peaceful life in the afternoon in big cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Seoul, Vienna or Sydney. The notebooks take you away from the hustle and bustle of these cosmopolitan cities and take you on a stroll along popular landmarks through flowering gardens on a summer weekend or sit you down for a relaxing lunchtime lounging on a park bench.


Illustrator Wooran and graphic designer Liyou work  with Pansydaisy to create this one-of-a-kind stationery collection consisting of notebooks, magnets, memopads, post-its, planners, stamp stickers and travel diaries. Wooran travels to various destinations to capture their atmosphere in her drawings. Her illustrations adorn every page of the delicate paper notebooks. Although the nicely illustrated pages provide space for thoughts, memories and so on, they might just as well can be kept empty as each page is a story in itself. All products are made of post-consumer recycled paper, and printed with soy ink.

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10 thoughts on “L’après midi stationery

  1. Ha. You know I own these too as you’ve seen my Vine clip:-)

    Just adore them!!!! I know Vienna is new and want to get Berlin, to actually use when we’re at The Hive!!

    Great photos and BTW, I. also have a massive collection of unused notebooks. Good news is that with age and wisdom this ‘addiction’ has been cured! (Something for you to look forward to)

  2. Louise, I totally understand your habit of buying beautiful notebooks and then storing them on the shelves, because you do not want to spoil them! I’ve been there, too. Let’s hope one day will overcome this addiction…and, as Tina just said, there is hope!
    Beautiful photos!

  3. Funny, I’m the same with notebooks…have many and it’s always hard to actually start using one…I like them fresh and clean 😉 Would have bought these notebooks, too! CUTE!

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