Hotspot Leiden: Naturals

In one of the most picturesque shopping streets of Leiden – Pieterskerk Choorsteeg – a new lifestyle shop has taken residence on number 6. The lifestyle shop Naturals, is as the name suggests, boasting with products that embrace the natural lifestyle. Bohemian style lovers will jump for joy when entering this cute little shop. The boho lifestyle shop is a trip down memory lane to places like Ibiza, Tulum or Marrakech.

Beautiful rugs, hand-woven plaids, woven basket lamps and hammam style bath accessories are just a few items in store. After a vacation in Ibiza or Tulum you can easily replicate the style at home with brands like Toockies, Yoshiko and By Bazz. There’s also a small selection of linen and cotton apparel by Basic Apparel and handy beach bags to channel that breezy Ibiza beach look. – Pieterskerk Choorsteeg 6

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