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The 7 most instagrammable restaurants in Amsterdam

Discover the best instagram-worthy restaurants in Amsterdam where the food and the decor are equally good.

Discover the best instagram-worthy restaurants in Amsterdam where the food and the decor are equally good.

With more than one thousand restaurants, Amsterdam can rightly be called a culinary capital. The Dutch culture is a melting pot of immigrants that makes for a kaleidoscopic restaurant scene. You can take that #foodporn snap in almost any place, but for the real foodgrams head to these places where you can just sit back and let the decor and food impress your followers.

1. Bam Boa

Entering Bam Boa is like stepping into a pinterest board of your ideal summer retreat. The interior is reminiscent of Bali, Ibiza or Tulum with a muted colour palette and its rattan and bamboo furniture pieces.  All that beige and white ensures any photo you take of the food here to leap off the screen.  Plus, with a sun-soaked, waterfront outside terrace and a Mediterranean  menu you may easily forget you’re in Amsterdam.

Mama Kelly Amsterdam

2. Mama Kelly 

At MaMa Kelly it’s like sitting inside pink cotton candy. Floor to ceiling is pink with a few gold accents and  eye-catching palms. The #instapretty interior is however not their only asset to lure in guests. The restaurant is famed for their lobster, grilled chicken and their exotic cocktails.  It’s the ideal selfie backdrop but don’t forget to turn that camera to their signature dessert; a cheesecake made with Dutch Bastogne cookies.

3. Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Downtown

With colonial ties in Indonesia, the Dutch food culture is full of Indonesian influences and eateries. Ron Gastrobar Indonesia Downtown sets itself apart from the others by treating you to Indonesian fine dining with streetfood recipes. Imagine yourself in an urban rain forest with tropical birds above the bar and leafy palms dispersed around you. Experience a fun-filled evening with spicy foods, sensational cocktails and live entertainment. The panoramic view on the romantically lit city is an extra photo opp.

Bar Botanique

4. Bar Botanique

Bar Botanique in Amsterdam West is a favorite breakfast and lunch spot among locals. The tropical living room style interior makes neighborhood guests linger for hours. The decor is playful and inviting with vintage sofas, green and pink plastered walls and tropical plants everywhere you look. It alludes to a colonial Caribbean hotel lobby. The menu is mostly French-Mediterranean with tropical influences. Post a cleverly framed photo of your chia pudding with coconut and lime and your friends will think you went to the Caribbean for sure.

the avocado show amsterdam

5. The Avocado Show

Who knew that the avocado would get its own restaurant? The green fruit has taken over the world and instagram by storm.  However, gramming your toast with avocado and egg pales in comparison with the creations they dish up at The Avocado Show.  By the time your food arrives you’ll have maxed out your memory taking snaps of your neighbours’ food, the pink sofa, the neon letters sign and the plants wall.

6. The Vegan Junk Food Bar

At the Vegan Junk Food Bar you can savour burgers, shakes and fast food without feeling guilty because everything is plant-based. The walls are vibrant and popping with graffiti and neon letter lights. The food creations and cocktails are colourful and fun with edible flowers and fresh ingredients. There are three VJFBs locations in Amsterdam, each with their own charm and personality.

7. La Favela Amsterdam [closed until further notice]

You won’t know where to point your phone as you enter this place bursting with Brazilian extravaganza. Beautiful tiles, ornate ceilings and Madonna sculptures fill the rustic restaurant and bar. Make sure you take your phone to the loo for a not-to-be-missed photo op.

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