Hotspot Leiden: Brasserie Buitenhuis

Brasserie Buitenhuis Leiden

I have a new favourite hang-out: Brasserie Buitenhuis. This lakeside restaurant opened the beginning of July and is bound to become very popular, mark my words. Officially, the brasserie is located just across the border of the municipal Leiden, in adjacent village Valkenburg, but that's just a minor detail. Due to its location at the Valkenburger Lake, it attracts people from Leiden, Voorschoten, Valkenburg and Wassenaar. No matter where you're from, Brasserie Buitenhuis is a lake house for … [Read more...]

Hot spot Leiden: The Wonderful Nature Store

Wonderful Nature store Leiden

Last week I already blogged about one of the three new shops in the Breestraat in Leiden (read here). Today I would like to highlight the second one: the Wonderful Nature Store. It's a shop packed with natural home decor accessories. Besides the taxidermy - lions, birds, turtles and crocodiles, you can buy shells & gem stones, pottery, hides, framed feathers, and other small gifts and decor items. But naturally, the taxidermy are the focal points in the shop. Expect being eye to eye with a … [Read more...]

Hotspot Leiden: WOW duurzaam design conceptstore

WOW duurzaam design Leiden

The Breestraat in Leiden is getting more fun by the week. On April 1st three new stores opened, one of them being WOW duurzaam design. It is a conceptstore selling only sustainable Dutch design. The products at WOW duurzaam design are created by young designers and small labels mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium and with an eye for fairness and nature. WOW duurzaam design curates unique items, unusual things, used things, and recycled products made with love and craftsmanship. You'll … [Read more...]

Hot spot Leiden: Van de Leur

van de leur leiden

One of the hot spots in Leiden where I frequently hang out, is Grand Cafe/Restaurant Van de Leur at Breestraat 117. It is a great spot to work, refuel after running some errands, or meet up with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fairly new to Van de Leur is the Meat Cave in the former basement. There they serve up delicious grilled meat from the Green Egg grill. In the entry hallway there are changing art exhibitions. The gorgeous historical elements of the building that date back to … [Read more...]

Pop-up Store Yellow Birds in Leiden

What to do when you have to wait for your train or bus at train station Leiden? Shop at pop-up store Yellow Birds! The funny thing about the shop is that it has been in the train station hall for over a year now, so if we can still speak of a pop-up store is debatable. But nonetheless it is a perfect past-time to bridge transfer time. The shop has fashion, home decor items, stationery, toys, plants, and even a few furniture pieces. When you're looking for a birthday gift on-the-go, Yellow Birds … [Read more...]

Hot spot Leiden: Dépôt

An ever evolving conceptual outlet is the motto of pop-up fashion store Dépôt in the Breestraat 114c in Leiden. The Scandinavian labels outlet doesn't look anything like an outlet. It is a stylish and sleek looking store where the interior is just as sleek as the designs. They present previous collections of various renowned brands in a modern and industrial styled space. Think labels like: Second Female, mbyM, Seven Boot lane, Just Female, or Avelon, just to name a few. While shopping you can … [Read more...]

Hot spot Leiden: Jeanpagne

The most recent addition to culinary Leiden is the small and cozy bistro Jeanpagne on Nieuwe Rijn 27 . A gorgeous light and breezy space where you can flock to all day for either coffee, lunch, appetizers, or dinner. The owner has travelled to many places but always had a special connection with France. Opening a French bistro style restaurant was therefore an obvious choice.  The menu is versatile and changes regularly as they cook with seasonal produce. Fish, chicken or meat, pasta or a salad, … [Read more...]