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Hotspot Leiden: Lavendi Coffee

When the days get shorter and colder I like to flee inside cosy coffee places and indulge in homemade cakes and hot coco. A place that checks all those boxes is Lavendi Coffee in Leiden. The small corner coffee shop/eatery is so adorable with pink velvet chairs, a hexagon tiled wall behind a concrete counter and lazy ratan chairs in a seating nook. Whether you go there for breakfast, lunch or coffee, everything is served with much precision and presentation.

For breakfast you can dive into a super healthy acai bowl, the Pinky Pitaya bowl made with dragon fruit or opt for a croissant. Coffee lovers are bound to double down on a fresh brew of coffee, a sweet coffee or any iced coffee imaginable. Starbucks eat your heart out! Don’t forget to match that with a piece of homemade cake or a cute cup cake. Meanwhile the smoothie fans can sip on a Berry Bomb or a Lovely Green. For lunch you can choose salads, grilled cheese sandwiches or savoury waffles.

But the real deal are the freak shakes! A hot coco topped with a donut, a huge dot of whipped cream and caramel sauce? Hell yeah! Or for the more dreamy girls there’s the Unicorn, a pink strawberry shake with cotton candy and lots of sprinkles. Now that I call presentation!

Lavendi Coffee – Steenstraat 12, Leiden

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