10x Gift shopping in Leiden

Where to find that perfect gift for a friend or family member? Leiden has all the right addresses to find something unique outside the usual chain stores like Dille & Kamille, Zara Home, Sissy Boy Homeland and Hudson’s Bay. Because honestly, the smaller shops and conceptstores have so much more unique, one-off designs, usually with a story or made with passion. Today I’m sharing my 8 favourite gift shops in Leiden, just in time for Christmas shopping.


House of Items

To find that small treasure or unique gift you might want to try House of Items. The small shop is boasting with wannahaves like jewelry, vintage accessories, stationery, vases, funny socks and more. – Pieterskerk Choorsteeg 18


For cute stationery, Scandinavian style home accessories, candles, and other little gifts for the home, head over to Pluum. Here you’ll find everything that is popular on instagram and more. – Burgsteeg 2

Conceptstore Eduard Leiden

This hidden conceptstore is located in the most beautiful street of Leiden. When I say this all locals instantly know that I’m talking about the Hooglandse Kerkgracht nr 6.  Sustainable, unique, hand-made, re-used and design are what Eduard stands for. The conceptstore is set in a beautiful historic building, the ‘Eduard IJdo’ dating back to 1890. Dutch design, recycled material and sustainably produced articles are a favorite with Eduard. For their webshop go here. – Hooglandse Kerkgracht nr 6

De Winkel in Leiden

Candles, ceramics, party essentials, warm blankets, napkins, kids clothing or coffee table books. De Winkel in Leiden is packed with small gifts that you probably don’t want to give away at all. Brands they have are a.o. Broste Copenhagen, Annie Sloan paints, House Doctor, Nordal and Rader. You can also shop online. – Pieterskerk Choorsteeg 19

By May Living and Lifestyle

In a monumental building steps from the Burcht is the newly opened lifestyle store By May. Robust and charming accessories for the home, vintage items, leather bags, and home decor items fill up this store. There’s also a webshop if you are short on time.- Nieuwstraat 9

Van Manen aan Tafel + First Floor Items

Beautiful ceramics, colourful aprons, cute candle holders and design kitchenware. At  mini department store Van Manen aan Tafel there’s a large assortment of things you need to entertain, cook or decorate your dining space with. Part of the store are also bakery Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys and gift shop First Floor items that sells jewelry, small gifts, bath and body products and small fashion accessories.  – Hogewoerd 6-8

Antraciet Living & Fashion

Antraciet Living & Fashion is a lifestyle and fashion shop. A favourite address of mine to browse hand made jewelry, ceramics, candles, stationery, photo frames or beautiful wooden cuttingboards. During Christmas time it’s extra festive with a direct view on the ice skating rink and Christmas market. – Nieuwe Rijn 29

The Wonderful Nature Store

At the The Wonderful Nature Store natural gifts are in the lead like precious shells and stones, framed butterflies, delicate feathers and a few other home decor items like pottery, wooden cutting boards and bowls, throw pillows, candles and wall hangings. – Breestraat 114C

Wonderful Nature store Leiden

Swan conceptstore

The Swan conceptstore once started in The Hague and has now four stores in the Netherlands. It’s a place where creatives and small design labels can present their products to a large audience. You’ll find jewelry, leatherware, home accessories, fashion, tableware and stationery. Breestraat 109

Babooka bookstore

Babooka is not the ordinary bookstore.  It holds unique and beautiful coffee table books that you would want to display and not hide in your book case. Here’s where one goes for fotography books with awe-inspiring prints or for heavy fashion coffee table books you can browse for hours. – Breestraat 113

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