City guide Leiden: Pluum

Day two of my Leiden city guide. Today the most fun and adorable lifestyle shop of Leiden: Pluum. The owner of Pluum is Nathalie whose signature is very palpable in her shop. She loves pink, white and grey, and she ha a soft spot for hearts. She has been collecting hearts for over 20 years. Her shop evolved out of home party sales that were so successful that she decided to open her own shop Pluum, first in Bussum and then a second store in Leiden.IMG_2562Pluum

If you’re looking for a gift, or throwing a party Pluum is your address. From tea towel, masking tape, and honey combs to beautiful home accessories, candles, and glass ware. You’ll find mostly Scandanavian brands but also table ware from Sabre,  or Dutch design. In addition there are also exclusive delicacies for the kitchen and table to add to your gift basket.IMG_2563IMG_2551IMG_2552IMG_2554IMG_2557IMG_2559IMG_2565IMG_2553IMG_2569

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