Paris cheat sheet: Cécile Jeanne jewelry

A shop not to miss when in Paris is the jewelry shop Cécile Jeanne. I stumbled upon this cute little boutique in Le Marais on 14 Rue des Rosiers. The brand was created about 20 years ago by designer, Jeanne, and her brother, Elie. They chose the name as a tribute to their mother, Cecile, and to the designer, Jeanne. They also chose the Dove as their logo, which is a symbol of unity, love and peace. The jewelry collections are made in an atelier located in the heart of Paris, where Jeanne finds much of her inspiration.

I love the combining of unexpected materials such as Italian Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, resins, and enamels. You can see it is real artisan work due to the small details and  the trademark dove and Swarovski crystal stamp in each and every piece. My favourite piece is the versatile necklace which can be worn in 3 different ways by e.g. detaching the longer chain, The Murano glass gives it extra dimension as it changes hues in different light.

Today Cecile Jeanne is recognized as one of the top designers of  jewelry and has about 20 boutiques located in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Tel Aviv and Shanghai. Their collections are also sold in the major department stores in Paris, Galeries Lafayette. le Printemps and le Bon Marche and you can also shop items online.

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