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I have a new favourite magazine called The Simple Things. I had heard a lot of positive things about it, so when I visited London earlier this week, the first thing I did when I set foot on the airport was run to the nearest WH Smiths and get myself a copy to read on the train into the city. I immediately fell in love, ordered all back issues online, and got myself a subscription. Although the magazine is British, you can easily get international subscriptions, how convenient. (Their website also lists international stockists).

The Simple Things Magazine is a collection of day to day things to enjoy, that don’t have to cost a lot. It’s about growing, cooking, making, and sharing everyday things that matter most. Each issue starts with an inspirational foreword about The Simple Things. The content in each issue is then divided into three chapters: Dawn, Day, Dusk and recognizable returning editorials, among others:

  • A breakfast recipe
  • Books, with refreshing reads to help you pause and plan
  • A city in the spotlight (New York, Berlin, Amsterdam)
  • Market lunch, highlighting another fresh food from the market each issue (cheeses, paté, breads)
  • A gardening/nature feature article
  • The collector: an interview with a collector
  • wishlists: with wanna haves, must visit shops
  • how we live: decorating tips
  • Evening recipes
  • A cake recipe
  • simple activities to do with friends/family (bonfire, picking apples, visit a pub)
  • DIY and crafting inspiration
  • Dealing with left overs, giving 5 tips of what to do with left overs from 1 ingredient (bread, squash)
  • …and much more!

Beautiful photos, easy to read texts, and not too many advertisements make this magazine a keeper. In times of recession this magazine gives us ideas and inspiration to make the most of what we have and can afford, and it shows us the beauty in those mundane things we often take for granted.

Although the title suggests otherwise, the magazine is, in my opinion different from the American magazine Real Simple. It is more European and down to earth and less polished and commercial. It really shows how to savour moments without any material things involved. I love it, and urge everyone to get yourself a copy and enjoy that simple moment of flipping the pages while having a cup of tea on a lazy Sunday like today.

Want to know more? Click here to flip through the new issue and get a peek of what to expect.

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