Boho chic accessories 

While most of you are back to work, I'm having an amazing vacation in Sicily. When travelling I always dress the part, so today I would like to share a few of my favourite accessories I wear to complete my summer apparel. I'm strutting around in super comfortable, handmade leather sandals. They are Greek design and therefore very colorful and happy with pompoms and beads. They are from Ammos Accessories. To add some bling I'm stacking different bracelets from Ashiana London and Sonja Bonk. … [Read more...]

Greek Chic: Handmade jewelry by Mayonaisa Darling

While in Mykonos I did my fair share of shopping. I love to get lost in all the turning alleys in the Chora and discover new boutiques. One of the boutiques that made my heart beat faster was the little shop by Mayonaisa Darling. The Greek jewelry designer sets up shop each summer in Mykonos where she sells, and makes her jewelry. During winter you can order her designs online in her Etsy shop. Since I have a soft spot for gemstones, and my favourite colour is turquoise, it didn't take much time … [Read more...]

Slow Sunday with a scented Jewel Candle + Give-away

As the days are getting shorter, it's time to bring out the candles again. What feels more cozy and soothing than a lighted candle while you curl up on your sofa with a stack of magazines and tea on a crisp summer evening? A scented candle makes it even more comforting. And since it is still summer, fruity fragrances like watermelon or passion fruit are also appropriate during day time. [continue reading after photo] Lately I've been enjoying my watermelon scented Jewel candle: a candle … [Read more...]

Lola Rose Jewelry

My new obsession is the jewelry from Lola Rose. I was shopping at Dutch department store De Bijenkorf and instantly fell in love with the newest collection. The hand-made pieces are made with the finest semi-precious stones and totally on trend in soft pastels like mint, salmon pink, and aqua blue. My eye was caught by a large rose copper bangle with a salmon pink stone. I decided to go home and check out the website first for a larger assortment. I couldn't find it in their webstore so I guess … [Read more...]

Follow your Bliss jewelry

When I met the founder and designer of Follow your Bliss jewelry two years ago, I was immediately impressed. Not just by her pretty designs, but also by her sparkling personality and beautiful appearance. I met Natalia Steendam at shopping event Flavourites Live in 2011, where she presented her collection to the public for the first time. She was glowing as she told me her story: She wanted to create whimsical stories with her designs and follow her bliss: creating prettiness and make others … [Read more...]

Beach bling with a high-fashion appeal

May I introduce to you the elegantly bohemian jewelry by Ashiana? It's so my style!  Ashiana is Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu and means nest, safe haven or home. The brand was founded in 2003 by Anastasia Buisman, an Indian-Dutch lady who now resides in London. Before she settled in London she was an avid traveler (never having lived in a single country for more than 3 years). Her global inspirations enriches all of her collections. Colour, texture and style are translated directly from the far … [Read more...]

Cuff Love

It's cuff love... and also tough, that I can't buy them all. I'm talking about the leather cuff bracelets by Hamu designs. With ornate gold or silver finishes on the inside, it is the outside that makes it a summer fashion statement not to deny. Cuff bracelets never really go out of fashion. And with an array of popping colours and leather to choose from, there is one for every occasion. The cuff has to be worn single though, or one on each wrist, but don't stack them. You have to give that arm … [Read more...]