Beach bling with a high-fashion appeal

May I introduce to you the elegantly bohemian jewelry by Ashiana? It’s so my style!  Ashiana is Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu and means nest, safe haven or home. The brand was founded in 2003 by Anastasia Buisman, an Indian-Dutch lady who now resides in London. Before she settled in London she was an avid traveler (never having lived in a single country for more than 3 years). Her global inspirations enriches all of her collections. Colour, texture and style are translated directly from the far corners of the world. Every hand-made piece encapsulates the allure of the exotic and provides a piece of pure luxury.  Anastasia uses natural stones, shells and gold and silver plated chains and charms in her designs. All Ashiana items are sent to you in gorgeous Sari gift pouches which adds that little something extra to your order delivery. Ashiana is bling that’ll turn heads on the beach, but can also pair well with the right business suit or leisurely outfit.

Ashiana collage 2

ashiana collage 1 Ashiana collage 3 Ashiana necklace

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