Beach bling with a high-fashion appeal

May I introduce to you the elegantly bohemian jewelry by Ashiana? It’s so my style!  Ashiana is Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu and means nest, safe haven or home. The brand was founded in 2003 by Anastasia Buisman, an Indian-Dutch lady who now resides in London. Before she settled in London she was an avid traveler (never having […]

Embrace summer with Mi Moneda

I love the new additions to the Mi Moneda collection. Mi Moneda is a Dutch brand that is internationally renowned and extremely popular amongst celebrities. Last year I already wrote an article about the necklaces you can customize, mix and match. (read here) The concept of this glamourous yet wearable brand is that you create […]

Go tribal with Holst + Lee jewelry

I’m currently coveting the jewelry from Holst + Lee.  Holst + Lee is a New York City based fashion collaboration between designers Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee. Their jewelry is inspired by different people, places and cultures. I like the mixture of colours and materials. The designs have a tribal feel to them yet with […]

Little memories by Love, Sam

I love it when I get introduced to entrepreneurial women who took a leap and followed their dreams. Like Valerie Parisius I wrote about last year, who is trotting the globe and making art prints and jewelry. Or Mariska Meijers, who left her job as a corporate lawyer and is now a successful designer. Sam Loman is […]

Follow your Passion: Valerie Parisius makes non-traditional jewelry

Sometimes you discover that there are some very talented people in your own network. That happened to me a few months ago, when two of my friends shared photos of their friend- Valerie Parisius – on their facebook timeline. It were pictures of jewelry she had designed. The colours and designs jumped off the screen, […]