Little memories by Love, Sam

I love it when I get introduced to entrepreneurial women who took a leap and followed their dreams. Like Valerie Parisius I wrote about last year, who is trotting the globe and making art prints and jewelry. Or Mariska Meijers, who left her job as a corporate lawyer and is now a successful designer. Sam Loman is another example.

Sam Loman is an illustrator, photographer, graphic designer and author of children books. She says photography and illustrating are here passion. She loves to make combinations of adorable paper, labels, and charms she collected. She calls them her little memories, small objects that tell her life story. She recently decided that it was time to send her little gems out into the world for others to enjoy it.

The philosophy of her product designs is: take time to remember, seize the moment, dare to dream. Her designs vary from stationery, to jewelry. I’m especially taken by her jewelry line. The designs are delicate, timeless,  feminine and little celebrations of life to cherish and enjoy. There is much more to see in her store Love, Same, but my favourites are her necklaces.

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