Book Review: Coco Chanel, The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon by Megan Hess

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If you’re looking for an exclusive gift, this might be it. I’ve had this book for a while now and it really feels like I have something very special I shouldn’t share with just anyone. The book Coco Chanel: The illustrated world of a fashion icon, by Megan Hess and published by Hardie Grant in Oct 2015 is a book you can browse over and over again. Megan Hess is my favourite fashion illustrator, and I collect all her books. (see here and here) One day I would also love to have one of her art works on my wall. But let’s talk about the book!

Megan Hess chanel

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The book Coco Chanel: The illustrated world of a fashion icon is a compilation of Megan Hess stunning illustrations of the 100 most quintessential moments through Chanel s history, from Coco s incredible life, to the impact of Karl Lagerfeld on the company and the incredible items that have become iconic of the brand the little black dress, the luxurious bags and accessories, glamorous jewellery and of course the renowned Chanel No 5 perfume. Interspersed with historical anecdotes and famous quotes this book gives you an accurate account of the woman who changed fashion forever.
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Coco Chanel: The illustrated world of a fashion icon is a collectors item for every Chanel fan. The illustrations are so detailed that you discover something new each time you browse the book. Watch the video below for an animated look inside the book. The book is available via, Hardie Grant Publishing, and in the Netherlands also via or the American bookstore in the Hague and Amsterdam.


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