Embrace summer with Mi Moneda

I love the new additions to the Mi Moneda collection. Mi Moneda is a Dutch brand that is internationally renowned and extremely popular amongst celebrities. Last year I already wrote an article about the necklaces you can customize, mix and match. (read here) The concept of this glamourous yet wearable brand is that you create your own jewelry with pendants, coins and different materials. The combinations are endless. There are over one hundred varieties.  And now they also have calf leather bracelets where you can switch the tiny coin to your own liking. The latest collection is inspired by the beauty of the sea and beach, and by the glamour of Cannes and Monaco. (continue reading after photo)

moneda bracelet

The interchangeable Cambio bracelet features a XS Moneda and can be perfectly matched with the Mi Moneda ring and necklace. You can wear the XS Moneda’s in the rings as well as in the bracelets. Imagine the endless style combinations. This lamb leather bracelet is available in the colors Orange, Brown and Caramel from € 40, -.

mi monedaI also love the Summer Shells line. Imagine yourself on a tropical island with the Oceano, the Raya and Roto, made ​​of natural shell material. The handmade Oceano has a special shrub motive and comes in three pastel shades; Mint, White and Blue Ice. The Raya, made ​​from the outside of the Nautilus shell, has a 3D effect that makes the special shell an eye catcher into its own. The Roto, made ​​of crushed shell comes in the colors cream and peach.

For more info, or to create your own visit the website or one of their international sales points.

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