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When I met the founder and designer of Follow your Bliss jewelry two years ago, I was immediately impressed. Not just by her pretty designs, but also by her sparkling personality and beautiful appearance. I met Natalia Steendam at shopping event Flavourites Live in 2011, where she presented her collection to the public for the first time. She was glowing as she told me her story: She wanted to create whimsical stories with her designs and follow her bliss: creating prettiness and make others happy. She wanted to listen to her heart and give in to her passion. Therefore each creation has a message of encouragement or is a reminder to listen to the soft whispers and be true to your bliss.FYB collage

Two years have passed and Natalia is still Following her Bliss. Her designs are still beautiful, timeless and whimsical. The winter 2014 collection is one to covet with powdery pastels in the limelight. They are delicate, on trend, and of high quality. She uses real gems like quarts, or Swarovski crystals, paired with Gold- /Silverplated metal. Wouldn’t they make perfect Christmas presents?

Follow your Bliss jewelry IMG_8122 IMG_8124

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