Postcard pictures from île des Embiez

ile des Embiez

The island of Embiez, or île des Embiez in French, is one of those islands you don't want to leave. After visiting the French island Porquerolles last year, I was determined to find an equally blissful experience this year. I love the beaches on the Côte d'Azur, don't get me wrong, but I was looking for more natural surroundings and more intimate, smaller coves.  The French call them criques (pronounce as creeks). Thanks to a local wine farmer I visited the day before, I was directed to île des … [Read more...]

A Day Trip to Holland’s Fruit Garden, the Betuwe

I love to be outside in nature to enjoy summer's flowers, green landscapes and the smell of the season. A perfect day trip for the weekend or your staycation is an excursion to the Dutch Fruit Garden, the Betuwe. Usually I go to the Betuwe in spring to do my annual blossom tour. The region is however gorgeous in all seasons. As I'm an avid orchard fan where there is a pick your own section, it didn't take me long to find one in the Betuwe. In the small village Tricht you'll find fruit farm De … [Read more...]

Weekend Tip: The Dutch blossom trails

A long weekend lays ahead of us. Some of us go on holiday while others opt for day trips. Traditionally I go on a day trip with one of my best friends. We always choose something that involves nature, to enjoy Dutch glory. In april the Netherlands is in its full galore with blossoming trees and far reaching tulip fields in bloom. It's a great weekend to be outdoors! The Netherlands has many fruit orchards and beautiful blossom hiking trails. If you prefer cycling you can rent a bike in one of … [Read more...]

Autumn Bounty

For photographers like myself, autumn is a feast for the lens. Autumn's bounty might be the most photogenic subject with its bright colours and beautiful landscapes. In a few weeks the trees go bare so enjoy it while you can! I am lucky enough to live across a park and only a bike ride away from a botanical garden. So today I would like to share with you a few of my photos of autumn's galore. You might also like Autumnal Splendour Fall Pleasures … [Read more...]

Weekendtip: Hike a Heather Trail

As the autumn approaches we get to experience the blooming of the heather fields in its full galore. Who doesn't like the colourful landscape, and the sound of the buzzing bees in a heather field? In the Netherlands you'll find most of the heather sceneries in the east in National Park De Hoge Veluwe, and in National Park the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. My favourite so far however, is the breathtaking scenery at National Park Veluwezoom. Autumnal pinks and purples stretch as far as you can see in a … [Read more...]