Amsterdam hot spot: The Yoghurt Barn

Last week I went to a special bloggers event in the newly opened Yoghurt Barn in Amsterdam’s neighbourhood De Pijp, a stone throw away from the Albert Cuyp market.  The event was organized to introduce us to this trending concept and have us sample their many flavours and combinations. Yoghurt shops have been spiking in popularity in the USA and the trend is now also dispersing in the Netherlands. People want to live more mindfully and eat healthier snacks. The Yoghurt Barn brings yoghurt from shelf to street by offering cups of yoghurt with a range of toppings.

yoghurt barn fruits


All yoghurts are biological and fruits are from local farmers. You can choose between different yoghurts like low-fat, greek, soy or frozen yoghurt. Next you choose toppings: a variety of fruits, sweet toppings like chocolate, cookie chunks or brownies, granola, and sauces. You can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you like. They also have a few specials that I eagerly sampled:

  • Crazy cookie – bastogne cookies, kiwi, cinnamon and honey
  • Brown bango – mango, brownies, walnuts
  • Energy explosion – figs, almonds and banana (my favourite!)
  • Merry Berry – blue berries and raspberries with raspberry sauce

yoghurt samples yoghurt barn sample IMG_4021

This fall The Yoghurt Barn is jumping on another band wagon in food trends: superfoods. They will launch Superfood Specials with toppings like chia seeds, line seeds, mulberries, açai and pumpkin seeds. This complements the super healthy toppings they already have in their assortment like coconut, figs, dates and honey. Another exciting edition this fall are the super food smoothies. I can’t wait to try those!

yoghurt barn tray

The interior is rustic and warm. There is a long reading table with industrial lamps floating above and trays with milk cans and whimsy flowers on top. A mezzanine floor enables a cozy lounge area downstairs, and a seating area upstairs. The mezzanine floor is where you’ll find the “Barn of fame” a wall with tiles mentioning all the names of the crowdfunders who invested in the Yoghurt Barn concept. There is also a book exchange nook.

entresol yoghurt barn Yoghurt barn interior

The Yoghurt barn is more than a place to have yoghurt. It’s also a perfect spot to have high tea or brunch. You can even order a picnic basket filled with savoury and sweet delicacies. Their loose leaf tea blends and freshly brewed coffee are high quality as are the juices. The Yoghurt Barn also has a location in Utrecht.

Yoghurt Barn Neude – Vinkenburgstraat 15 Utrecht
Yoghurt Barn de Pijp – Eerste van der Helststraat 80 Amsterdam

drankjes yoghurt barn tea

yoghurt barn


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