Make your own Fresh Mint-Ginger-Orange Tea

Bleak autumn weather drives us to curl up on the couch with candles, a blanket and hot drinks. My latest hot drink addiction is fresh mint-ginger-orange tea with honey as a sweetener. It’s a healthy alternative to coffee, hot chocolate and flavoured tea blends. But above all it’s delicious! The combination of fresh mint, sweet orange and spicy ginger is a match made in heaven. Ginger warms you up and purifies your blood, soothes pains and calms your nerves. Mint is good for digestion and wards off a cold. Orange is as we all know rich in vitamin c.  And if you sweeten it with honey: honey contains powerful antioxidants with antibacterial properties.

MYO tea

2 ways to make your own

Making the fresh tea is easy peasy. There are actually two ways to make it. You either put the ingredients in a glass, pour boiling water over it, and use a spoon to crush the ingredients to give of their juices. Or, you boil water in a pan, then add the ingredients and let simmer and steep for 10 minutes and then pour into a glass. The latter manner gives of more juices and flavour but also requires more time and effort.

The recipe is easy: according to your own taste! I use 2 slices of orange, 2 full twigs of mint, and 6 slices of ginger. Do you like it more spicy? Then use more ginger. You can also opt for more mint or more orange. It’s all in the mix. Enjoy!  P.S. This recipe is also awesome when chilled as an iced tea!

make your own tea fresh mint ginger tea

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