Feeling peachy

Don’t you just love the stone fruit season? It’s the season of transition from the sweet berries to the apples and pears harvest. Plums, peaches and nectarines are so tart and juicy that I can continue eating them one after another. And of course they are also excellent for baking cakes or roasting with meat. I decided however to make a salad with my loot of peaches. They all turned ripe quicker than expected and at the same time so I had to come up with a simple recipe.

The sweetness of the peaches goes well with goat cheese so I tossed together a salad to combine with salty fish and fried potatoes. For the recipe scroll down.

salade perzik

peach peaches

peach and goatcheese salad

peach and goatcheese

You’ll need (all according to taste)

  • mixed greens
  • walnuts
  • rosemary
  • peaches
  • honey
  • goat cheese
  • red currants


  • Grill the cheese until it starts to melt
  • crack the walnuts
  • cut the peaches
  • Toss ingredients in a bowl
  • Mix and top with the cheese
  • Drizzle honey over the cheese and salad

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