Hotspot Valencia: Bluebell Coffee

Bluebell Coffee Valencia

The best place for Sunday brunch, and a popular healthy food spot in Valencia is Bluebell Coffee. The cosy hotspot with a sunny courtyard garden is situated in the Ruzafa neighbourhood in Carrer de Buenos Aires no.3.  For breakfast and brunch you can choose from different smoothies, an acai bowl, pancakes, and granola, just to name a few. During lunch they serve delicious salads, avocado sandwiches and more. Besides that everything is super yummie, it is also presented in a pretty way with … [Read more...]

Top 5 Favourite Breakfast spots in Paris

Ob-La-Di Paris

The more I get to know Paris, the more I like it. The charm of the city already captivates me early in the morning when I go out for breakfast. Whether you go to a small coffee place, or a hip restaurant, having breakfast in Paris is always special. I love how laid-back and paced they enjoy their first meal of the day. The coffee is always good, and well, I don't have to explain how good their bread and pastries are. Today I would like to share my 5 favourite spots for breakfast so far, because … [Read more...]

Hotspot Leiden: Brasserie Buitenhuis

Brasserie Buitenhuis Leiden

I have a new favourite hang-out: Brasserie Buitenhuis. This lakeside restaurant opened the beginning of July and is bound to become very popular, mark my words. Officially, the brasserie is located just across the border of the municipal Leiden, in adjacent village Valkenburg, but that's just a minor detail. Due to its location at the Valkenburger Lake, it attracts people from Leiden, Voorschoten, Valkenburg and Wassenaar. No matter where you're from, Brasserie Buitenhuis is a lake house for … [Read more...]

Bar Botanique in Amsterdam

Bar Botanique

Earlier this week I spent the afternoon in Amsterdam East. East is upping its game with a lot of new hip restaurants and interesting stores. One of those new edgy places, is Bar Botanique, café tropique on the corner of Eerste van Swindenstraat and Pontanusstraat. As the name already suggests it is  a tropical escape in the city. The interior is packed with lush tropical plants. But that's not all. Designed by Studio Modijefsky, the interior design of Bar Botanique also has many … [Read more...]

Hip design in Brooks Brasserie Amsterdam

Brasserie Brooks Amsterdam

Discovering good breakfast places in Amsterdam has been one of my latest obsessions. However, finding a breakfast place that also has a compelling interior design is the cherry on top of my hunt. In my favourite shopping neighbourhood, Old South (oud zuid), there is Brooks Brasserie. The stylish restaurant is actually part of a small boutique hotel. Besides breakfast, you can also drop by for lunch, dinner, or just a cup of coffee. The interior design of Brooks Brasserie is of the hands of … [Read more...]

The Hague Favourite: Jamey Bennet

The Hague has a new kid on the block: Kitchen & Bar Jamey Bennet. A few weeks ago I went to check out this new hot spot and I was pleasantly surprised. My verdict? Jamey Bennet is definitely a keeper with its hip interior, great ambiance and delicious food.  On a weekday night the crowd is a mix of expats, 30-50 year-olds, and a few students. The setting is like a living room with an international and brasserie-like vibe. The name Jamey Bennet derives from a British undercover … [Read more...]

Hotspot Amsterdam: PLUK

PLUK Amsterdam

One of my top 10 favourite spots in Amsterdam for breakfast, lunch, or tea, is PLUK. Somehow I never got round to blogging about it. PLUK is extremely popular, and has been featured on almost every blog, Dutch, and international. So I might be late with my recommendation, but you never know, maybe there are still people out there who haven't heard of it yet (I actually know a few). At PLUK Amsterdam you can indulge in healthy breakfast like e.g. acai bowls, homemade granola and yoghurt, … [Read more...]