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Hotspot Haarlem: Café Martinus

Having breakfast or brunch with friends is my new favourite thing to do. There are so many all-day breakfast places opening that I can’t keep up with it anymore. Last week I tried the breakfast at Café Martinus in Haarlem. I was drawn to the place not just for the pretty presented food but more so for the interior that is highly instagrammable. The breakfast and lunch spot has been around since September 2018. Good food and a pretty decor is all I needed to go and check it out.

Louise at Cafe Martinus Haarlem

The bohemian and tropical ambiance at Café Martinus made me feel right at home. Palm leaves wallpaper, tropical plants, bamboo furniture and a pink flamingo transport you to Bali where there are many places like this one. When I glanced at the menu I couldn’t decide just yet so I started with a a pink hot chocolate that has a strawberry flavour. Other hot drinks on the menu are: a beetroot latte, tumeric latte, green matcha latte or chai latte.

pink hot chocolate at Cafe Martinus Haarlemtropical corner at Cafe Martinus Haarlemneon lights at Cafe Martinus Haarlem

Sweet or savoury?

After asking for recommendations I chose a sweet but healthy dish, namely the vegan lemon poppy seed pancakes with raspberry softserve, maple syrup, fresh strawberries and almonds. Not an easy choice as I could have also taken red velvet pancakes with oreo, or chocolate chip banana bread. Another original is the ‘Turning bitches’, which is sugared bread with kurkuma poached pear, berries and pistache crumble. I must return to try the coconut yoghurt with papaya and granola too.

If you’re more into savoury breakfast there’s egg benedict with salmon and asparagus on an English muffin, a tofu scramble, zucchini fritters and much more! Whatever you pick, expect a pretty presentation boasting with colour.

The lunch menu is just as interesting with beet burgers, salads and sandwiches. You can even have a lunch item for breakfast, or vice versa.

pancakes at Cafe Martinus Haarlem

Breakfast or lunch in a bright and breezy mezzanine

An apple green striped wall, a chic statement lamp and a large reading table in the mezzanine are the perfect spot to indulge in the pancakes and catch up with friends. If you’re in need of some vitamins I would recommend ordering one of the healthy smoothies. I opted for the very berry freakshake, a real fruit bomb. Other options were the green smoothie with spinach, rice milk, avocado and banana, or the smoothie with mango, kardemon and soy milk.

breakfast Cafe Martinus green striped wall at Cafe Martinus Haarlem


Pink interior

Pink restaurant interiors are popping up all over the world and popular among influencers and their followers. Café Martinus in Haarlem played right into that with a flamingo pink space. It’s a good space to get some work done on the laptop while sipping on my smoothie. Comfortable vintage arm chairs invite to have a tea of coffee while reading a book.

pink interior of Cafe Martinus HaarlemLouise under pink lamps

Coffee and cake

Ofcourse you can also stop by Café Martinus in Haarlem for a cup of coffee and cake. They have freshly home made cake every day and a list of nice brews with all varieties of milk (soy, almond, rice, wheat)

It is a place to relax, work and enjoy the laid back ambiance. A place where you can order vegan as well as indulge in guilty pleasures. Aplace where you can have breakfast, lunch or a piece of cake whatever you desires.

cake at Cafe Martinus Haarleminterior of Cafe Martinus Haarleminside Cafe Martinus Haarlem


Café Martinus in Haarlem – Spaarne 94 –

photos of me were taken by Barbara Salem

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